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2019-02-13eolian: drop class function overridingMarcel Hollerbach
2019-02-01replace hton and ntoh family functions with ones defined in einaVincent Torri
2019-01-28efl_net_server_udp: add empty functionsMarcel Hollerbach
2019-01-26efl_net_dialer_websocker: set cannot be called hereMarcel Hollerbach
2019-01-23efl_net: make server_ip abstractMarcel Hollerbach
2019-01-18efl: convert all interfaces to the new eolian syntaxMarcel Hollerbach
2019-01-18efl: convert all abstracts to the new eolian syntaxMarcel Hollerbach
2019-01-18efl: convert all classes to the new eolian syntaxMarcel Hollerbach
2019-01-17efl_net: make abstractMarcel Hollerbach
2019-01-16ecore: remove data parameters of Efl.Loop_Consumer.promise_new to reduce the ...Cedric BAIL
2019-01-16ecore_con: remove use of eina_promise_data_set.Cedric BAIL
2019-01-12efl net - connman - fix correct param for promise cancelCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2019-01-09ecore-con: Add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused parameterChristopher Michael
2019-01-09ecore-con: Minor formatting fixChristopher Michael
2018-12-26Revert "Revert "ecore: make efl_loop_promise_new a function of Efl.Loop_Consu...Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-12-26Revert "ecore: make efl_loop_promise_new a function of Efl.Loop_Consumer."Marcel Hollerbach
2018-12-20ecore: make efl_loop_promise_new a function of Efl.Loop_Consumer.Cedric BAIL
2018-12-20cmake: remove!Marcel Hollerbach
2018-12-07eo: make efl_future_then have a data pointer in addition of the object pointer.Cedric BAIL
2018-12-06ecore_con: handle timeout of the attempt to connect.Cedric BAIL
2018-12-06ecore_con: wait for thread to finish at the same time as canceled to avoid ra...Cedric BAIL
2018-12-06ecore_con: enforce connection state to not let a hanging connection continue.Cedric BAIL
2018-12-06ecore_con: refactor TCP Dialer to always wait for thread to finish.Cedric BAIL
2018-12-03meson: use eolian_gen with -SMarcel Hollerbach
2018-11-30ecore_con: simplify code by using helper that create future directly.Cedric BAIL
2018-11-30ecore_con: simplify code by using proper helper.Cedric BAIL
2018-11-28eo-docs: Remove Doxygen tags from efl*.eo filesXavi Artigas
2018-11-23eo: rename efl_future_Eina_FutureXXX_then in efl_future_then as this has been...Cedric BAIL
2018-11-09efl net - warn - fix eldbus service struct to fill all fieldsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-11-09ecore con - fix buffer truncate warnign by a bigger bufferCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-11-09efl net - fix dbus field init to init all fields in a structCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-10-24meson: add eolian custom dependencies supportDaniel Kolesa
2018-10-08ecore_con_legacy: fix coverity issues (use after free)JunsuChoi
2018-10-05meson: unify system propertiesMarcel Hollerbach
2018-10-02here comes mesonMarcel Hollerbach
2018-09-27ecore_con: Add docs for ecore_con legacy functionsJunsuChoi
2018-09-03docs: Fix typos in API reference docYeongjong Lee
2018-08-30docs: Fix typos and some wrong expressions in API reference doc.Myoungwoon Roy, Kim
2018-08-20ecore_con: migrate to eina_vpathMarcel Hollerbach
2018-07-06ecore-con/proxy_helper: fix in-tree run pathMike Blumenkrantz
2018-07-03ecore-con/legacy: kill server with DEL event if a dialer error occursMike Blumenkrantz
2018-06-25ecore_con: make dns resolver thread stop blocking when canceledMike Blumenkrantz
2018-06-21ecore_con: do proper version test for TLS_method.Alastair Poole
2018-06-20ecore_con: FreeBSD 11.2 not providing TLS generic methods.Alastair Poole
2018-06-20Patch for T6342Alastair Poole
2018-06-07ecore_con : Fix that null pointer access for segmentation faultJunsuChoi
2018-05-25ecore_con: efl_net_socket_ssl_adopted_get is EFL_NET_SOCKET_SSL_PROTECTED.Cedric BAIL
2018-05-25ecore_con : Fix class check to check inner_socket classJunsuChoi
2018-05-24ecore_con: disconnect from the server as soon as it request it.Cedric BAIL
2018-05-24ecore_con: allow for NULL to do nothing.Cedric Bail