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2020-06-23Get rid of trailing whitespaces (4 / 14)Elyes HAOUAS
2020-05-18systemd - make libsystemd use/supprot entirely runtime "dlopened"Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-05-05ecore_drm: ensure we have the symbol available at the right place.Stefan Schmidt
2016-03-09ecore-drm: Update copyright noticeChris Michael
2016-02-18ecore_drm: Add pointer warping APIDerek Foreman
2016-02-18ecore_drm: Refactor ecore_drm_fb_send into two functionsDerek Foreman
2016-02-18ecore_drm: Change page flipping logic so we can't tearDerek Foreman
2016-02-04ecore-drm: Add opaque structure for Ecore_Drm_PlaneChris Michael
2016-01-21ecore-drm: Unify and cleanup tty codeChris Michael
2016-01-07ecore-drm: Fix formattingChris Michael
2016-01-04ecore-drm: Add a new API for keymap cacheJengHyun Kang
2015-12-28ecore-drm: Add APIs to support key remap functionalitySung-Jin Park
2015-12-15ecore-drm: Fix failure of setting/closing evdev->fd which causes fd leakDuna Oh
2015-11-30ecore-drm: Add logical pointer x, y variable in seat for reflecting multiple ...Duna Oh
2015-08-25build: replace libsystemd-{daemon, journal} with libsystemdMarcel Hollerbach
2015-05-13ecore-drm: Greatly improve drm rendering speedChris Michael
2015-05-13ecore-drm: Fix purpose of ecore_drm_output_enable/disable functionsChris Michael
2015-05-12ecore-drm: Fix ecore_drm_output_edid_get to return a hex stringChris Michael
2015-05-07ecore-drm: Add support for a Primary OutputChris Michael
2015-05-07ecore-drm: Add API function to return output modesChris Michael
2015-05-07ecore-drm: Add API function to return the edid of a given outputChris Michael
2015-05-07ecore-drm: Add connector type to output structureChris Michael
2015-05-07ecore-drm: Add API function to return output connected stateChris Michael
2015-04-24ecore-drm: fix multiclick interval timeMike Blumenkrantz
2015-04-16ecore-drm: Don't fetch output geometry on every mouse movementChris Michael
2015-04-10ecore-drm: Add private structure used during pageflip callsChris Michael
2015-04-10ecore-drm: Move drm headers to Ecore_DrmChris Michael
2015-04-10ecore-drm: Remove per-output framebuffersChris Michael
2015-04-10ecore-drm: Delay destroy of output if there is a pending flipChris Michael
2015-04-10ecore-drm: Improve drm output creation, mode detection, and cloning supportChris Michael
2015-04-10ecore-drm: Add support for DPMS on an outputChris Michael
2015-04-09ecore-drm: Fix formattingChris Michael
2015-04-09ecore-drm: Move Eeze Udev Watch to Drm DeviceChris Michael
2015-03-04ecore-drm: Add edid structure to Ecore_Drm_OutputChris Michael
2015-02-27Use doubles to store libinput's mouse motionDerek Foreman
2015-02-19ecore-drm Add hooks for updating wl_output when outputs are hotpluggedDerek Foreman
2015-01-26ecore-drm: Remove session parameter for internal functionChris Michael
2015-01-26ecore-drm: Cleanup private header fileChris Michael
2015-01-13ecore-drm: Add actual Outut to the Input device structureChris Michael
2015-01-05ecore-drm: remove duplicated code from logind and tty.Seunghun Lee
2014-12-10ecore-drm: Add event to notify session activation state.Seunghun Lee
2014-12-10ecore-drm: Add output size to device structure and add internalChris Michael
2014-12-09ecore-drm: Cleanup structures in private headerChris Michael
2014-12-09ecore-drm: Include libinput header in drm private headerChris Michael
2014-12-09ecore-drm: added drm launcher that is allow to determine whether to launch wi...Seunghun Lee
2014-10-30ecoreidrm: Cleaned up unwanted code.Srivardhan Hebbar
2014-10-20ecore-drm: Added initial support to check if drm device is hotplug and update...vivek
2014-10-06ecore_drm: Removed unwanted FIXME line.Srivardhan Hebbar
2014-09-24ecore-drm: Added private functions to get brightness levels in backlightvivek
2014-09-23ecore-drm: Remove udev from private header and add an Eeze_Udev_WatchChris Michael