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2020-06-23Get rid of trailing whitespaces (4 / 14)Elyes HAOUAS
2016-03-09ecore-drm: Update copyright noticeChris Michael
2016-01-21ecore-drm: Unify and cleanup tty codeChris Michael
2016-01-14ecore_drm/ecore_wl2: logging: remove errant usage of %mDerek Foreman
2016-01-07ecore-drm: Fix formattingChris Michael
2015-10-30ecore-drm: Don't exit tty setup if tty is already in graphics modeChris Michael
2015-10-14ecore-drm: Add missing field initializers for vt_modeChris Michael
2015-04-24ecore-drm: fix improper conditional syntax in _ecore_drm_tty_switch()Mike Blumenkrantz
2015-04-24ecore-drm: add safety checks to all EAPI functionsMike Blumenkrantz
2015-04-10ecore-drm: Move doxygen documentation to main Ecore_Drm headerChris Michael
2015-02-11ecore-drm: Disable/Enable inputs if we release/acquire the VTChris Michael
2015-02-02ecore-drm: Trap for failure to dup stdinChris Michael
2015-01-26ecore-drm: Cleanup tty code and handle vt signal trappingChris Michael
2015-01-19ecore-drm: Restore tty keyboard mode on restore of ttyChris Michael
2015-01-13ecore-drm: Re-enable setting K_OFF keyboard modeChris Michael
2015-01-05ecore-drm: remove duplicated code from logind and tty.Seunghun Lee
2014-12-16ecore-drm: add error handling, when fail to setup tty.Seunghun Lee
2014-12-10ecore-drm: Add event to notify session activation state.Seunghun Lee
2014-12-10ecore-drm: restore VT to text mode when close tty.Seunghun Lee
2014-12-10ecore-drm: cleanup data when failed to setup tty.Seunghun Lee
2014-11-26ecore-drm: close fd handle if _ecore_drm_tty_setup() is failed in ecore_drm_t...Seunghun Lee
2014-10-06ecore-drm: Remove the FIXME noteChris Michael
2014-10-06Revert verifying anything passed in to the API.Chris Michael
2014-10-06Revert "ecore-drm: Fix formatting"Chris Michael
2014-10-06ecore-drm: Fix formattingChris Michael
2014-10-06ecore_drm: Verifying if name format is /dev/xyz before assigning to tty.Srivardhan Hebbar
2014-09-15ecore-drm: Fix drm VT switching to work againChris Michael
2014-09-15ecore-drm: added vt switch key event handlerMinJeong Kim
2014-09-04ecore-drm: Remove duplicated tty fd checkGwanglim Lee
2014-07-17ecore-drm: Fix trapping of SIGUSR1 for VT switching signalsChris Michael
2014-07-15ecore-drm: Reenable setting the VT to graphics modeChris Michael
2014-03-10ecore-drm: Add API function to return the vt fdChris Michael
2014-03-06ecore-drm: Add Ecore_Drm codeChris Michael