path: root/src/lib/ecore_drm2/ecore_drm2.c (follow)
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-09ecore-drm2: Remove #ifdef HAVE_ATOMIC_DRMChris Michael
2017-04-18ecore-drm2: Add library symlink to merge atomic commit requestsChris Michael
2017-04-18ecore_drm2: Add ecore_drm2_fb_dmabuf_importDerek Foreman
2017-04-18ecore_drm2: Use library function instead of ioctl for addfb2Derek Foreman
2017-04-07ecore_drm2: Use correct drm context versionDerek Foreman
2016-11-29ecore-drm2: Add symlink to gamma setting functionChris Michael
2016-11-15ecore-drm2: Symlink to drmModePageFlip functionChris Michael
2016-11-15ecore-drm2: Add API function for drmHandleEventChris Michael
2016-11-15ecore-drm2: Make calls to symlink'd libdrm functionsChris Michael
2016-11-15ecore-drm2: Symlink to libdrm functions during init timeChris Michael
2016-05-27ecore-drm2: Add drm2 event for session activationChris Michael
2016-05-27ecore-drm2: Add API functions to work with outputsChris Michael
2016-05-27ecore-drm2: Add start of Ecore_Drm2 libraryChris Michael