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2016-10-04ecore_file/ipc: clean up documentationJee-Yong Um
2014-11-04Ecore File: Corrected documentation of ecore_file_monitor_add APIkabeer khan
2014-11-03Ecore File: Corrected documentation of ecore_file_monitor_add APIkabeer khan
2012-12-24all efl object deletion functions now take NULL without crashing or erroringMike Blumenkrantz
2012-12-06efl/ecore_file: refactor to be more like eio in providing backends.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2012-12-06efl: common inotify checks, simplified.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2012-12-02merge: add escape ecore, fix several bugsVincent Torri
2012-11-23ecore, eio : revert alloca commits (and other solaris math commits, i know)Vincent Torri
2012-11-23ecore: allocaSebastian Dransfeld
2012-04-23Cleanup Doxygen Warnings - ecore 3Jonas M. Gastal
2011-01-27fix doc typoMike Blumenkrantz
2010-10-23[ecore-file] fix docVincent Torri
2010-09-30tab--Vincent Torri
2010-08-04FORMATTINGLucas De Marchi
2009-11-11Add Windows directory monitoring to ecore_file. It was tough.Vincent Torri
2009-10-10 * check the returned value of the _init() functionsVincent Torri
2008-05-26integration of evil in ecore. It's compiling on windows and my ubuntu. The co...doursse
2008-01-19I had to replace TAB characters by spaces in ecore_file_monitor_add() or it w...Andres Blanc
2007-11-05remove fam support, will never be fixed and inotify is the shit.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-08-06Ecore_File documented with doxy tagsDavide Andreoli
2006-01-06and yet more warning removalCarsten Haitzler
2005-09-07Only run init when count is 1 and shutdown when count is 0sebastid
2005-09-07init countsebastid
2005-08-27Remove debug info.sebastid
2005-08-27Fix and enable inotify monitoring. You need a fairly recent inotify forsebastid
2005-03-30Inotify monitoring almost works now. Since inotify seems to be thesebastid
2005-02-22Common functions.sebastid