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2013-10-05Revert "ecore/wayland: Add and initialize subcompositor inside Ecore_Wayland."discomfitor
2013-10-05Revert "adding wayland subsurfaces protocol file."discomfitor
2013-10-04ecore/wayland: Add subsurface handling APIs.Rafael Antognolli
2013-10-04ecore/wayland: Add and initialize subcompositor inside Ecore_Wayland.Rafael Antognolli
2013-10-04adding wayland subsurfaces protocol file.Rafael Antognolli
2013-09-24Do not call actual wl_surface_commit unless we have a buffer attached.Chris Michael
2013-09-24Add structure member to mark if window has an actual bufferChris Michael
2013-09-17Add API functions for window_rotation set/get and Fix Protruding surfaces on ...Chris Michael
2013-09-17Update doxy for opaque_region_set function.Chris Michael
2013-09-13Revert "Reduce additional call to eina_stringshare_replace."Chris Michael
2013-09-12Reduce unnecessary pointer frame callbacksChris Michael
2013-09-12Reduce additional call to eina_stringshare_replace.Chris Michael
2013-09-11Also reset opaque region is transparent is toggled.Chris Michael
2013-09-11Add back saving of opaque region into window structure.Chris Michael
2013-09-10Rework keyboard repeat to use an ecore_timer (not a timerfd).Chris Michael
2013-09-10Remove calls to update_size function in alpha_set and transparent_set.Chris Michael
2013-09-04Set surface opaque region to NULL if window is transparent/alpha.Chris Michael
2013-08-29Added functions for setting input and opaque regions on a window.Chris Michael
2013-08-29Add API functions for setting window input & opaque regions.Chris Michael
2013-08-29Remove 2 unused integer members from window structure.Chris Michael
2013-08-29Don't use Eina_Rectangles for server and saved allocation, can justChris Michael
2013-08-29Reduce size of Ecore_Wl_Window structure.Chris Michael
2013-08-29Remove pending_allocation member of window structure (not usedChris Michael
2013-08-29Remove calls to saved input & opaque region of window.Chris Michael
2013-08-29Remove region members from Ecore_Wl_Window structure. No need to keepChris Michael
2013-08-21When updating window size, if the stored allocation size is the sameChris Michael
2013-08-20ecore_wl sets input regions more accurately when resizingMike Blumenkrantz
2013-08-20When we create a wl_surface for the window, set the surface_id fieldChris Michael
2013-08-20Add surface_id to wayland window structure.Chris Michael
2013-08-20Remove dead codeChris Michael
2013-08-07Convert upper-case characters to lower-case characters on keydownChris Michael
2013-08-06Add missing EINA_UNUSED to function parameters.Chris Michael
2013-08-06Add functions for output done and output scale events.Chris Michael
2013-08-06Bump compositor interface version to 3.Chris Michael
2013-08-01Check for valid windows hash before searching it.Chris Michael
2013-07-24Add some checking/trapping for valid wayland display.Chris Michael
2013-07-23During ecore_wl_window_pointer_set (called fromChris Michael
2013-07-23Check for valid input->pointer before calling wl_pointer_set_cursor.Chris Michael
2013-07-23Add a pointer structure to the window struct.Chris Michael
2013-07-23Remove call to display_iterate during init (this stalls our compositorChris Michael
2013-07-23Add API function for setting "server_mode"Chris Michael
2013-07-17Check for valid xkb state before trying to update modifiers from it.Chris Michael
2013-07-16Add some additional trapping around window_show for cases where aChris Michael
2013-07-09For cases of fatal errors on wl_display, return ECORE_CALLBACK_CANCELChris Michael
2013-06-26ecore_wayland: Yes, we need to call display_dispatchEduardo Lima (Etrunko)
2013-06-26Add missing initializer for wl_seat_listener.Chris Michael
2013-06-26feature: Add support for global_remove in the display listener.Chris Michael
2013-06-24Remove call to wl_display_get_serial as it's a server-side function,Chris Michael
2013-06-24Use wl_display_get_serial when creating popups.Chris Michael
2013-06-20Dont need the ret variable unless we are actually going to use it.Chris Michael