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2018-07-06ecore_wl2: Replace window ids with pointersDerek Foreman
2018-06-15ecore_wl2: Add a purge option to surface flushDerek Foreman
2018-06-15ecore_wl2: Set the parent window's surface to NULL on surface destroyDerek Foreman
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Add ecore_wl2_surface_alpha_get queryDerek Foreman
2018-04-20ecore_wl2: Add alpha to reconfigureDerek Foreman
2018-02-15ecore_wl2: Take a library reference on surface createDerek Foreman
2018-02-09ecore_wl2: Destroy offscreen event handler in surface destroyDerek Foreman
2018-01-30ecore_wl2_surface: Flush surfaces for offscreen windowsDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Make surface managers modularDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Use wl_buffer_get in dmabuf_surface_postDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Add surface_window_get apiDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Add API to remove surface managersDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Add a way to register new surface managersDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: rename _surface_flush for consistencyDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Move private data allocation into back-end codeDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Move backend specific members into a private data structDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Move surface size update into generic codeDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Add API surface_buffer_createDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Remove force from surface reconfigureDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Move smarts from surface_map to buffer_mapDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Add buffer_fit API and use it from surface codeDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Add buffer age inc and use it in surface codeDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Add buffer_age_set and use it in surface codeDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Add buffer_age_get API and use it in surface codeDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Add API for setting buffer busy status and use itDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Add API for querying buffer lock status and use itDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Make the surface interface a pointerDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Call check function through a pointerDerek Foreman
2018-01-26ecore_wl2: Move dmabuf surface specific tests into their own functionDerek Foreman
2017-12-01ecore_wl2: Add ecore_wl2_surface_flushDerek Foreman
2017-12-01ecore_wl2: add Ecore_Wl2_Surface to Ecore_Wl2_WindowDerek Foreman
2017-12-01ecore_wl2 wayland_shm: Move surface functions into ecore_wl2Derek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Rename all the evas_dmabuf functionsDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: move surface structure to evas_dmabuf.cDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Wrap function pointers for surfaceDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Move surface free into surface_destroyDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Remove struct _Dmabuf_SurfaceDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Stop using outbuf and engine info in surface codeDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Pass alpha to surface_createDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: pass the ecore_wl2_window to surface createDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Store width and height in surface structDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland evas: Remove Ecore_Wl2_Display from engine infoDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Remove Shm_SurfaceDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Move surface create into dmabuf codeDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: remove useless wrapper functionDerek Foreman
2017-11-21wayland_shm: Fix partial redrawsDerek Foreman
2017-11-17wayland_shm: Don't use a fixed number of buffersDerek Foreman
2017-11-15ecore_wl2: Filter buffer types by compositor capabilitiesDerek Foreman
2017-11-15wayland_shm/ecore_wl2: Move buffer allocation into ecore_wl2Derek Foreman
2017-11-15wayland_shm: Move wl_buffer creation function further up fileDerek Foreman