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2018-06-21Revert "edje: code refactoring for readibility."Hermet Park
2018-06-07edje: code refactoring for readibility.Hermet Park
2018-02-28edje: add ability to reference images from other edje filesMike Blumenkrantz
2018-02-28edje_cc: add "id" toplevel propertyMike Blumenkrantz
2017-10-27edje: cleanup old implementation of handling svg file.subhransu mohanty
2017-06-14edje: add efl_version propertyYoungbok Shin
2017-04-25edje_cc: introduce "Anchors" - easy way to set parts relationshipJeeyong Um
2017-02-03edje - fix crash on loading ancient edje filesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-12-23edje_data: add the missed vector data.Jaehwan Kim
2016-12-21edje: support filtering allowed seats per partBruno Dilly
2016-12-19edje: add flag to choose between evas or edje seat namingBruno Dilly
2016-12-19edje: support seat on focus action and signalsBruno Dilly
2016-08-21edje - cut another 120k or so off memory usage by using direct hash addCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-08-21edje - fix missing vector field frees, copies, handling etc.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-08-16edje: Allow no_render in descriptionJean-Philippe Andre
2016-08-14edje - remove unused fields from part desc and calc paramsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-08-01edje: Fix handling of polygon and polyline node.Subhransu Mohanty
2016-07-15edje: add required attribute in Edje_PartJee-Yong Um
2016-07-06edje: fix parsing and and visualizing gradients.Subhransu Mohanty
2016-06-23svg_loader: Fixed the parsing of style attribute in g node as well as inherit...Subhransu Mohanty
2016-06-21svg: added support for parsing and showing of polyline data.Subhransu Mohanty
2016-06-16edje: creation of gradient node from data parsing of color property and refac...Subhransu Mohanty
2016-06-13edje - set up eet data descriptor right with right struct and sizeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-06-08edje: add new svg part to edcSubhransu Mohanty
2016-06-08edje: add svg support to parse and store a svg file as a vector object in .edj.Subhransu Mohanty
2016-05-17edje: attaching viewport of camera to the image partperepelits.m
2016-02-17Edje: add of some new features and fixes for Canvas3d types in edje_calc.perepelits.m
2016-02-05edje: introduce color_tree (color_class inheritance)Jee-Yong Um
2016-01-04edje: implementation of Edje_3dperepelits.m
2015-12-24edje: add text_classes syntax to EDCJee-Yong Um
2015-12-08edje: introduce size_class attributeJee-Yong Um
2015-12-02edje: Remove redondant array in Evas 3D edd (part2)perepelits.m
2015-11-18Edje data: Remove redondant array in Evas 3D eddJean-Philippe Andre
2015-11-18Edje: Fix Evas 3D eet data descriptorsJean-Philippe Andre
2015-11-10edje: initialize map.zoom values to fix old *.edj compatibility issues.Youngbok Shin
2015-10-01Edje: Add filter support to SNAPSHOT partsJean-Philippe Andre
2015-10-01Edje: Add support for filters to PROXY partsJean-Philippe Andre
2015-10-01Edje: Move internal struct filter around (refactor)Jean-Philippe Andre
2015-08-06edje: add a SNAPSHOT part in EDC.Cedric BAIL
2015-06-30Edje: Add proper filters section in the EDJ fileJean-Philippe Andre
2015-06-30Edje: Use array instead of hash for filters dataJean-Philippe Andre
2015-06-25edje: add "mask_flags" instruction for "part" blockJee-Yong Um
2015-06-25Edje & evas filters: Add extra data from EDC to Lua programJean-Philippe Andre
2015-06-25Edje: Factorise filter code for TEXT and IMAGEJean-Philippe Andre
2015-06-25Edje/evas filters: Quick renaming of evas filters related stuffJean-Philippe Andre
2015-06-22edje: add support to control the transition time of edje animation globally.jiin.moon
2015-06-15Evas: Add "no-render" flag for proxy sources & clippersJean-Philippe Andre
2015-06-15Edje: Add clip as a property of a part descriptionJean-Philippe Andre
2015-06-08edje: reformat all C filesMike Blumenkrantz
2015-05-27edje: add of descriptors for Evas_3d integration.perepelits.m