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2019-01-15edje: Remove _edje_animators listDerek Foreman
2018-11-09edje program - warn - handle theoretical null seat stringCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-05-08edje: Send seat name to all seat emitted eventsDerek Foreman
2018-05-08edje: Add beta api for seat_data_getDerek Foreman
2018-05-08edje: Emit extra/seat data from programmed signal emitsDerek Foreman
2018-05-08edje: Pass extra signal data to program_runDerek Foreman
2018-05-08edje: Add edje_emit_full_dataDerek Foreman
2018-05-08edje: Add seat data to extra data structDerek Foreman
2018-05-08edje: Create signal extra data before calling _edje_emit_sendDerek Foreman
2018-05-08edje: Factor out signal extra data setup codeDerek Foreman
2018-04-17eolian gen: enable constness generation on property getter implsDaniel Kolesa
2017-12-22Remove all ocurrences of SPANK from our user facing errors.Andy Williams
2017-12-06edje: rename Edje.Object to Efl.Canvas.LayoutAmitesh Singh
2017-12-05edje: rename intf Efl.Canvas.Layout.Signal to Efl.Layout.SignalAmitesh Singh
2017-11-01evas: Move evas_canvas.eo to legacy-onlyJean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-13edje: make it handle late appearing of devicesMarcel Hollerbach
2017-08-05edje crash with run program references - fixCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-08-04edje: implement edje.player interface functionsAmitesh Singh
2017-08-04edje: Move signal APIs to an interfaceJean-Philippe Andre
2017-06-12evas: Rename device Class to Type, remove Sub_ClassJean-Philippe Andre
2017-04-06edje_program: add NULL check for ed->callbacks in edje_programJEONGHYUN YUN
2017-03-02Efl.Canvas.Object: Multi-seat API should not be exposed to legacy.Guilherme Iscaro
2017-02-04edje: unset timer pointer after delete.Amitesh Singh
2017-02-01edje: change seat signalsBruno Dilly
2017-02-01edje: fix CID 1368019 - Null pointer dereferencesBruno Dilly
2017-01-06eina: rename EINA_{FLT,DBL}_CMP to EINA_{FLT,DBL}_EQ.Cedric BAIL
2016-12-21edje: support filtering allowed seats per partBruno Dilly
2016-12-21edje: add function on embryo to control focusBruno Dilly
2016-12-21edje: refactor _edje_program_run for FOCUS_SET actionBruno Dilly
2016-12-20edje: fix float comparison warning in edje programs.Cedric BAIL
2016-12-19edje: accept optional seat parameter on FOCUS_OBJECTBruno Dilly
2016-12-19edje: add names for seats following an incremental patternBruno Dilly
2016-12-19edje: support seat on focus action and signalsBruno Dilly
2016-12-19edje: add new signals providing seat informationBruno Dilly
2016-10-26edje: remove extraneous new line in debug logJean Guyomarc'h
2016-09-28edje_program: add NULL checkingJaehwan Kim
2016-09-23edje signal emits - enable DBG for being able to debug edj filesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-08-30Efl object: Rename Eo_Event -> Efl_Event.Tom Hacohen
2016-08-15edje - save memory on edje parts as a lot of over-allocation was doneCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-08-11Change the EFL to follow the new Eo rename.Tom Hacohen
2016-08-01edje - reduce memory footrpint by dlopening ephysics on demandCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-07-04edje - reduce memory footprint by rearranging structs and typesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-05-18efl: change name of animator,tick event in C.Cedric Bail
2016-03-15Edje: Fix warning with clangJean-Philippe Andre
2016-03-10efl: rename efl.core.animator to efl.animator.Cedric BAIL
2016-03-03Automatic migration to Eo4.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-29Eo callbacks: Migrate all of the EFL to the new event cb signatures.Tom Hacohen
2016-02-05edje: add back use of Ecore_Animator when the Edje object is created on an no...Cedric BAIL
2016-02-02edje: switch to use per window animator.Cedric BAIL
2016-01-13Edje: enhance embryo stack broken error messageShinwoo Kim