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2021-05-03Eina: use eina_fnmatch() instead of fnmatch()Vincent Torri
Reviewers: raster Reviewed By: raster Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2020-07-06Fix typos - (Part #2)Elyes HAOUAS
Fix some typos Reviewed-by: Stefan Schmidt <> Differential Revision:
2020-06-23Get rid of trailing whitespaces (7 / 14)Elyes HAOUAS
Remove trailing whitespaces Differential Revision:
2019-02-01replace hton and ntoh family functions with ones defined in einaVincent Torri
Summary: This fixes especially the execution of edje_cc on Windows Test Plan: execution of edje_cc Reviewers: cedric, raster Subscribers: #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2018-04-25eet: add counter for number of frees needed in each directoryMike Blumenkrantz
Summary: further optimize the eet_shutdown case of closing files and avoid endlessly looping over empty nodes Depends on D5950 Reviewers: cedric Reviewed By: cedric Differential Revision:
2018-04-25eet: simplify shutdown file closingMike Blumenkrantz
no need to free mempool memory when the mempool is about to be freed, and eet_clearcache duplicates existing shutdown functionality Differential Revision:
2017-10-06eet: wrong comparision to less than zero with unsigned integer.Subodh Kumar
Summary: Unsigned interger should not be compared to less than zero. @fix Test Plan: Na Reviewers: cedric Subscribers: jpeg Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2017-09-22EFL For WIN32: Replace HAVE_EVIL define with _WIN32Vincent 'vtorri' Torri
2017-04-18eet: use new API eina_file_close_on_exec.Cedric BAIL
2017-03-06eet_lib: changed unlink to eina_file_unlinkIvan Furs
Summary: changed unlink to eina_file_unlink Reviewers: cedric, raster, an.kroitor, rimmed, FurryMyad, NikaWhite, vtorri Subscribers: artem.popov, cedric, jpeg Differential Revision:
2017-02-07eet: read sould be failed if cipher_key exist but file not cipheredJiwon Kim
Summary: Currentely, if eet_read_cipher()'s cipher_key param is exist but file not ciphered, function always read and return successful result. But, this behavior can not check data integrity. e.g. 1. App create config file using eet with encryption key. 2. Attacker replace config to malicious config (not encryted). 3. App can not notice if eet_read_cipher() read that successfully. @fix Test Plan: $eet -e test.cfg my_config test.src 1 $eet -d test.cfg my_config decode_res.txt my_encrytion_key (Currentely decode success, but should be failed) Reviewers: woohyun, raster Subscribers: id213sin, akanad, cedric, jpeg Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2016-07-11eet - fix possible integer overflow in ptr diff on parseCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
coverity spotted this - with silly long strings (like 1gb in size or+) it might happen. fix CID 1256196
2015-11-24eet: improve error message during eet_close.Cedric BAIL
2015-10-07eet - be robust about garbage at the end that looks like an idenityCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
if there is an identity signaure at the end, ONLY check it if it looks like a real one (correct magic number, cert and sig size fields are sane etc.). this means eet opens dont fail for files that may have trailing garbage or padding that is not an eet identity signature.
2015-10-07eet - fix signature alignment and positionCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2015-08-28eet - improve eet file storage when encoding by aligning dataCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this forces data when written to be aligned to 8 bytes. this makes mapping keys directly far better as from now on you can assume all data is aligned to 8 bytes allowing you, if you want, to use eet files as caches for raw binary data you mmap directly and just use (not portable though). @feat
2015-04-25eet: fix interger overflowCedric BAIL
CID 1256196
2015-03-17eet: remove use of deprecated Eina_Binbuf functions.Cedric BAIL
2015-03-17emile: remove binbuf from emile compression functions.Cedric BAIL
2015-03-17emile: follow convention for Emile_Compressor_Level.Cedric BAIL
2015-03-17emile: change the API to allow supporting other cipher in the future.Cedric BAIL
2015-03-17eet: use Emile instead of Zlib and LZ4 directly.Cedric BAIL
2015-03-17emile: move GNUTLS and OpenSSL initialization logic from Eet to Emile.Cedric BAIL
2014-12-10eet: Switch from obsolete LZ4_uncompress function to LZ4_decompress_fastStefan Schmidt
The function is declared as obsolete and in some newer headers it is no longer defined. The new function is the same besides the name change.
2014-11-28eet - add new api to verify eet file against stored certCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this api makes it far more obvious as to how to verify an eet file via the eet identify mechanisms that use x509 certificates to sign files. this is consistent with the api used to generate the key for sigining thus you can use the same certificate file to compare against for identify. @feature
2014-09-08eet: call LOCK_CACHE before altering Eet_FileJérémy Zurcher
even if not necessary in this particular case, do as in eet_mmap() and eet_open(), lock the cache before altering Eet_File struct. fix CID 1039366 1039367 1039368 1039369
2014-08-27eet - handle fcntl errorCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
fix CID 1039691
2014-08-22build: Allow to use external liblz4 instead of embedded copyStefan Schmidt
While we are likely will keep the embedded copy for a while to avoid a really new dependency we allow now to use the external liblz4. You need at least revision r120 and a package that ships the pc file for it. Personally I would like to get rid of it rather sooner than later due to the security implications and a bunch of code we ship but have no idea about. Reality is that it will need some time until this new lib is actually packaged and shipped with releases for a a majority of people. This patch was co-worked with Doug Newgard <>
2014-08-14eet init - fix structurally dead codeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
CID 1039542
2014-02-10comments: typo fix - s/dictionnary/dictionaryAlbin Tonnerre
Reviewers: cedric Reviewed By: cedric CC: cedric Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2014-01-21Revert "eet: do not load data when the file is open in read/write mode."Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
This reverts commit f8b0322704a4d74e4a5545727c18dc8385318657. this breaks efreets icon cache. i have been noticing this since yesterday across all my machines once i update just efl. i tracked it down to this commit.
2014-01-20eet: do not load data when the file is open in read/write mode.Cedric BAIL
I do think that it was a left over from previous file format. Removing this memcpy should make Enlightenment startup faster and should reduce by 500KB the memory it use.
2014-01-20eet: reduce memory usage of Eet internal structure by removing useless ↵Cedric BAIL
2013-12-26efl: Unified eina critical manro to CRI.Daniel Juyung Seo
Being annoyed by different types of eina critical macros - CRI, CRIT, CRITICAL -, I concluded to unify them to one. Discussed on IRC and finally, CRI was chosen to meet the consistency with other macros - ERR, WRN, INF, DBG - in terms of the number of characters. If there is any missing bits, please let me know.
2013-11-04eet: shutup a warning and use the right pointer source even if they are the ↵Cedric Bail
2013-11-04eet: let's use const Eina_File here to.Cedric Bail
2013-10-28eet: help the kernel to actually load the eet file in memory more efficiently.Cedric Bail
When you open a theme, it is very likely that most of the data in it will be needed at some point, that's why it is a good idea to tell it in advance to the kernel so it could load them if it has some spare ressource. We can't just blindly turn EINA_FILE_WILLNEED on any file or a wrong eet file would be loaded in memory when we don't need it. So we shall keep the sequential load until we are sure that the file is correct and then explicitely tell the kernel that the rest of the data should be loaded in ram.
2013-08-05open() can fail for various reasons, so check for valid 'fd' returnChris Michael
before calling fdopen. Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-07-08Fix missing unlock reported by CoverityChris Michael
NB: Fixes Coverity CID1039384 Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-07-08Fix missing unlock (reported by Coverity).Chris Michael
- Instead of just returning NULL, use the existing goto on_error to handle the unlock and return NULL. NB: Fixes Coverity CID1039383 Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-07-08Fix memleak reported by CoverityChris Michael
NB: Fixes Coverity CID1039261 Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-06-04eet: for more safety let eet handle the reference to the file.Cedric Bail
2013-05-10eet_mmap uses reader/writers caches for lookup.. but never ADDs toCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
these caches! bad bad bad!
2013-05-10do not make eet files get refcounts of 2 on eet_mmap so they then never free.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
we set references to 1 then on success references++... thus ALWAYS being on 2.
2013-05-09eet: initialize it to zero.Cedric Bail
2013-05-08eet: more meaningful message.Cedric Bail
2013-04-10eet: be picky and really use the correct format without shitty cast.Cedric Bail
2013-04-09Eet: Pass the correct parameter to the correct format.Tom Hacohen
2013-04-05eet: enable more debug information regarding memory allocation.Cedric BAIL
2013-04-05eet: remove use of prev to reduce memory usage (30KB on 32bits system).Cedric BAIL