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2018-11-23efl_interpolator: change Efl.Interpolator class to interfaceJaehyun Cho
Since Efl.Interpolator's subclasses are used as interpolator class, Efl.Interpolator class is changed to be an interface. This change allows Efl.Canvas.Animation to have Efl.Interpolator as its property in efl_canvas_animation.eo.
2018-04-16elm_menu, toolbar, ctxpopup : remove unnecesary interface efl_ui_item and ↵SangHyeon Lee
efl_ui_menu Summary: Legacy menu toolbar and ctxpopup are not new efl interface widget, but it have efl interfaces, efl_ui_item and efl_ui_menu. if we plan to implement this two, it should be a class not a interface, so I remove it on legacy widget. Subscribers: cedric Differential Revision: Reviewed-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2018-02-12interfaces: remove Efl.Text.PropertiesMike Blumenkrantz
this is provided in Efl.Text.Font
2018-01-18efl: Merge Flipable and OrientationJean-Philippe Andre
No need to split: those two are used in all the same classes, since the split between Orientation and Ui.Dir. Note that the enum types remain in the main namespace.
2017-12-19interface : change efl_pack_grid and efl_ui_grid to efl_pack_table and ↵SangHyeon Lee
efl_ui_table Summary: Change name of 'grid' to 'table' for matching on common ui naming and avoiding confusion with 'gengrid' and 'grid view'. grid will be introduced as grid image view after. Test Plan: checked make & make install checked make check - there are errors but not related with these changes. checked make examples - there are errors in cxx but not related with these changes. checked make discheck - failed test in elementary_test with Efl.Ui.Table and Table_static. Reviewers: raster, cedric, jpeg, felipealmeida Differential Revision:
2017-12-08interface: add Efl.Canvas.Pointer intf for pointer related functions.Amitesh Singh
and remove pointer_inside function from Efl.Canvas{}
2017-11-27efl_ui_spin: Add new spin and spin_button widgetsWoochan Lee
Summary: Creating base class(efl_ui_spin) to support various shape of spinner. Added button interaction widget efl_ui_spin_button inherited from efl_ui_spin. Test Plan: Add tests in elementary_test. Reviewers: Jaehyun_Cho, woohyun, jpeg, singh.amitesh Subscribers: jenkins, id213sin, cedric, jpeg Differential Revision:
2017-11-20efl: Split Efl.Container and Efl.ContentJean-Philippe Andre
When I first implemented the Efl.Container interface I made a mistake of mixing "single slot" content API's with "multiple children" content API's. This should fix that, by separating API's that are for a single part and those that deal with a list of children. Efl.Content: Single slot. This will be used a lot by efl_part() objects, and for the default content of widgets (eg. the window content). Efl.Container: Multiple children. Used by lists, boxes, layouts (edje/elm), etc... I didn't see any class that implemented both interfaces (note: Layout implements Container and Button implements Content, so technically Button implements both through inheritance). For now the eo_prefix is not changed in Efl.Container. I wonder if it should be reset (to efl_container) or not. This would only affect the C API. Ref T5328
2017-06-15intf: rename progress to rangeAmitesh Singh
This is more appropriate name especially on slider widget. ref T5361
2017-05-16Efl.Ui.Autorepeat: Add efl autorepeat interfaceAmitesh Singh
Signed-off-by: Amitesh Singh <>
2017-01-25cmake: add efl library.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
still no tests and no binaries, but compiles the interfaces required by other libraries such as ecore.
2017-01-23build: switch eina to half baked cmakeMarcel Hollerbach