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* Efl.Gfx.Color_Class: move color_class_code{} to color_class intf.devs/ami/colorAmitesh Singh2018-01-161-42/+1
| | | | Ideally it should have belong to color_class interface from beginning.
* Efl.Gfx.color: move the common code to util file.Amitesh Singh2018-01-121-79/+3
| | | | color class & other common classes will use it later.
* Efl.Gfx.Color: add color_class_code.set/get{} methodAmitesh Singh2018-01-021-1/+24
* Efl.Gfx.Color: add color_code{}Amitesh Singh2017-12-221-0/+120
color_code allows user to pass/get the color hex string (e.g. efl_gfx_color_code_set(o, "#FFAA22CC")) Also make this interface as mixin class.