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2016-08-26efl: Rename Efl.Event.XX to Efl.Input.XXJean-Philippe Andre
This removes: Efl.Event interface And renames: Efl.Event.Input -> Efl.Input.Event Efl.Event -> Efl.Input.Event (merged) Efl.Event.Pointer -> Efl.Input.Pointer Efl.Event.Key -> Efl.Input.Key Efl.Event.Hold -> Efl.Input.Hold This also moves some interfaces from efl/ to evas/ where they belong better. This allows renaming Eo_Event to Efl_Event.
2016-08-26evas: Add normalized and window coordinates to axis eventsJean-Philippe Andre
This is for Wacom graphics tablets (with a pen). The raw data sent by ecore to evas (and then to apps) is pretty useless as it's not normalized, and apps have no way of knowing the dimensions of the tablet, without themselves opening the device (we don't know nor expose the path to the device). This is for Xi2 only for now, as Wayland support hasn't been done yet. The intent is to deprecate LABEL_X and LABEL_Y. I'm not sure yet if the normalized value is useful or not (it would seem we may not be able to provide this info in Wayland). The new WINDOW_X, WINDOW_Y labels will be used in the new event type (Efl.Event.Pointer). Normalized values are not exposed yet, let's decide if we want them or not first (based on what can be done in Wayland space). @feature
2016-08-26evas events: Switch axis events to the new eo typeJean-Philippe Andre
This converts Evas_Axis or Ecore_Axis info arrays into basic pointer data. Also marks those fields as set. All events need to properly implement the value_has property (mark all bits whenever a value is known).
2016-08-26evas events: Rename properties and introduce generic valueJean-Philippe Andre
This paves the way to a merge of pointer and axis events into the class Efl.Event.Pointer.
2016-08-26evas events: Add new "finger,move/down/up" events for multi touchJean-Philippe Andre
This moves MULTI events to those new finger event types, and also sends a finger event for finger 0 (aka the pointer). NOTE: This may require a separation between a mouse input and an actual finger touch. To be defined, ie: do we let the app check the input device info to decide whether the event is actually the first finger of a multi touch device, or do we want to send only actual finger events from multi touch devices only? @feature
2016-08-26evas events: Switch key up/down event to new eo typeJean-Philippe Andre
2016-08-26evas events: Switch hold event to new eo typeJean-Philippe Andre
Evas_Event_Hold is now barely used anywhere. This also adds support for event_flags to this type.
2016-08-26evas events: Switch wheel event to the new typeJean-Philippe Andre
For now this covers only the wheel event. Note: This patch also modifies evas map to use double in an internal function, rather than ints.
2016-08-23efl_io_queue: basic class to interact with Efl.Io interfaces.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
The use of low-level interfaces such as Efl.Io.Reader and Efl.Io.Writer are not that user-friendly as they can handle partial data. Classes such as Efl.Io.Copier makes them easy to use, but they need a reader (source) or writer (destination) and in our examples we used fixed buffers or some existing streams (stdin/stdout/stderr, networking...). However, if interactively we need to produce some data to be sent, such as implementing some networking protocols, we'd have to write our own Efl.Io.Reader and Efl.Io.Writer classes to handle the buffering. Not anymore! With Efl.Io.Queue you can write stuff to it and it will buffer to memory. Once stuff is read, it will automatically remove those bytes from buffer.
2016-08-23efl_io_buffer: do not refer to sub-classes in its docs.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
depending on the order of generation eolian was triggering some errors. So stop refering to subclasses here. minor bugfix.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
if no limit was set, do not resize buffer to 0.
2016-08-23eolian: enforce no get/set as method/property name ruleDaniel Kolesa
Fixes T3849. introduce basic interfaces and classes.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
These interfaces allows generic operations on objects that can store or provide data, such as a file or a buffer. With well defined interfaces and events we can create code such as Efl.Io.Copier, that will link a source with a destination and progressively copy data as they appear.
2016-08-16evas: Fix ordering of input eventJean-Philippe Andre
The previous patch 1185c40e508ca2ecc4c5e86b shows how having two event types for the same thing (key or mouse input events) was a bad idea. The only guaranteed order of callbacks is the priority but even that was not enforced (since legacy or eo style event had to come first). Fixes T4310
2016-08-15Eo: Finish the renaming of Eo to the EFL.Tom Hacohen
This renames all the rest of the API to the EFL namespace except for Eo_Event that will follow soon. Obviously breaks both API and ABI.
2016-08-11Change the EFL to follow the new Eo rename.Tom Hacohen
2016-08-08efl vpath - make sure we check returns of mkdir just in case for errorsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
so vpath has a fallback if all things bad go wrong to mkdir a homedir in /tmp and if that fails use /tmp or use / - if $HOME isnt set ... but $HOME alwasy should be, so this is only for "a broken system". this should fix CID 1354286
2016-07-26efl/interface: fixed the shape interpolation implementation.Subhransu Mohanty
Reviewers: cedric, jpeg Reviewed By: jpeg Subscribers: cedric, jpeg Differential Revision:
2016-07-13gfx: Add NULL check to silence coverityJean-Philippe Andre
realloc() can return NULL if size is 0. It's like free(). So, the usage here is correct, and there are probably no points to interpolate between anyway. I wonder if there can be commands without points, though. Fixes CID 1293004
2016-07-06efl: Rename "pointer" device class to "wand"Jean-Philippe Andre
Because I like magic. And to avoid confusion with mouse pointer. Suggested by @zmike in D3858 (Ecore_Device).
2016-06-30efl: gfx_shape: add some more documentation and improve existing oneStefan Schmidt
2016-06-30efl: gfx_shape: document property itself and not the getters and settersStefan Schmidt
2016-06-30evas object: Move display_mode to Efl.Gfx.Size.HintJean-Philippe Andre
2016-06-30win: Remove font & image cache functionsJean-Philippe Andre
Those actually belong to elm_config, or rather Efl.Config: efl_config_int_set("cache_image_cache_size", 42); efl_config_int_set("cache_font_cache_size", 1337);
2016-06-29efl: Add Efl.Version struct and APIsJean-Philippe Andre
The original idea behind knowing the app's version of EFL is not a great story. It comes from the fact that some bugs exist in earlier versions of EFL, and some things need to be fixed. But those fixes may break behaviour for older apps. This patch is opening the way to the slippery slope of bug compatibility. Unfortunately this is a requirement if we want to be able to move forward and not break apps when we fix bugs (behaviour or ABI). I hope we will not need to implement too many (if any) workaround such issues. For now, this will only be used as debugging info. EFL_MAIN() and ELM_MAIN() will both set the app's EFL version automatically at startup time. Some internal helpers can be added later to check how the app build-time and run-time version of EFL differ. @feature
2016-06-28efl: Remove eo struct Efl.Gfx.ColorJean-Philippe Andre
So far this was protected behind ifdef EO_API_SUPPORT. It also was not used internally. Dropping this before the release, since we will soon have a (hopefully) better solution to handle various color representations.
2016-06-27Evas events: Implement support for hold eventJean-Philippe Andre
2016-06-24config: Simplify Efl.Config API, make C helpers onlyJean-Philippe Andre
This removes the mixin functions and uses static inline functions instead. Much cleaner, looks the same to C devs.
2016-06-24efl: Introduce general Efl.Config APIJean-Philippe Andre
This is to port elm_config to EO APIs. The current implementation relies on the legacy API, by simply forwarding calls. The new API is simply efl_config_set("config_name", value) where value is an Eina_Value (aka. generic_value). The C interface proposes a few helpers like config_int_set, config_double_set, etc... Unfortunately at the moment, not all config options are supported, as some rely on more complex types: - lists - color class and multiple arguments - unset functions - enums Profiles are also not handled at this point. @feature
2016-06-21efl/interface: fixed scubic_to and quad_to implementation.Subhransu Mohanty
Reviewers: cedric, jpeg Reviewed By: jpeg Subscribers: cedric, jpeg Differential Revision:
2016-06-20Adjust the code according to the eo event stop changes.Tom Hacohen
This was changed in the previous commit.
2016-06-17Efl: Fix a build breakJean-Philippe ANDRE
Strange doc reference has decided to break the build now. Not sure why it worked before and not anymore...
2016-06-17efl_ui_win: move some APIs get the object's list in special location to ↵Ji-Youn Park
efl_ui_win. The apis to get the object or object list in special location is useful. like game app. so move these APIs from evas canvas to efl_canvas.
2016-06-17Evas: Move Object_Pointer_Mode to Efl.EventJean-Philippe Andre
2016-06-17Evas: Move BiDi type to Efl.TextJean-Philippe Andre
This renames it to Efl.Text.Bidirectional_Type.
2016-06-17Evas: Move Evas.Load_Error to legacy, use Efl.Image.Load.ErrorJean-Philippe Andre
This also disables the unused interface "load_state".
2016-06-17efl_ui_win: add some evas feature(pointer, cache ) to efl.canvas and efl_ui_winJi-Youn Park
evas will be internal, so APIs need to open public are moved efl.canvas eo and efl_ui_win.
2016-06-16efl: Move promise parameter to return in data modelFelipe Magno de Almeida
Summary: Instead of: efl_model_property_get("name", &promise); now: promise = efl_model_property_get("name"); Reviewers: stefan_schmidt, cedric Subscribers: jpeg Differential Revision:
2016-06-16Efl: Move Efl.Canvas to efl/interfacesJean-Philippe Andre
Not sure this is a good name for this interface, but it definitely doesn't belong inside lib/evas/ Thanks Jiyoun for the question / report :)
2016-06-14evas object: Move some events to efl_gfx and efl_imageJean-Philippe Andre
This affects basic evas object events such as: - show, hide, resize, move, - changed size hints, - restack, - image preloaded, resize, unloaded Also, switched names to shorter "present form" like "preload" instead of "preloaded".
2016-06-10Efl: Make size_hint_restricted_get public, set protectedJean-Philippe Andre
This is now possible thanks to 375179b47f (T3645).
2016-06-10Efl: Rename event flags to processed and scrollingJean-Philippe Andre
From on_hold and on_scroll
2016-06-09Efl: Introduce app-side min size hintJean-Philippe Andre
Now called "hint_min", not sure if it's the proper name for it. At first I wanted to reuse the request size hint instead of adding a new hint, but doing that would break Terminology or any app that already used size_hint_request. One problem with hint_request is that the legacy function already exists but its support is practically not implemented. @feature
2016-06-09Efl: Add geometry property (combines position and size)Jean-Philippe Andre
It's a helper function that can also in the future be used to implement atomic move+resize operations.
2016-06-09Efl: rename size hint content_min to restricted_minJean-Philippe Andre
Still not sure about which keyword is the best to use here, but anyway, it's a protected function so users should realize it's probably not what they want.
2016-06-09Efl: Introduce combine_min size hintJean-Philippe Andre
It combines the content min size and the requested min size by taking the MAX value. This will help support request size without major code changes.
2016-06-08Efl: Add screen_ prefix to all Efl.Screen apisJean-Philippe Andre
This will resolve conflicts between Gfx.size and Screen.size.
2016-06-08Efl: Add hint_ prefix to all size hintsJean-Philippe Andre
This covers: - base - step - aspect The prefix hint_ is useful for bindings, and does not change the generated C API.
2016-06-08Efl: Move evas size hints to Efl.Gfx.Size.HintJean-Philippe Andre
This includes: - align - min (now content_min) - request - max - padding (now margin) - weight This does NOT include: - display mode (compress, expand... a hint used by naviframe only).
2016-06-08Evas: Move aspect ratio to Efl.Gfx.Size.HintJean-Philippe Andre
Problem: - edje aspect ratio is defined by 1 enum and 2 double (min, max) - window aspect ratio is defined by only 1 double - evas object aspect ratio is defined by 1 enum and 2 ints (w, h) Which one is the best interface? Are min/max a better option? Also, not sure how to call the enum...