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2019-08-05efl-mono: Add Model manual implementation to C# and MVVM factoriesLauro Moura
Summary: Depends on D9273, D9270 Test Plan: Run added testcases. Reviewers: cedric, bu5hm4n, zmike, SanghyeonLee, felipealmeida, segfaultxavi Reviewed By: cedric Subscribers: cedric Tags: #expertise_solutions, #efl_language_bindings Differential Revision:
2019-07-30csharp: Add marshal support for Eina.ValueTypeLauro Moura
Summary: It uses a custom marshaler and a helper boxing class to convert between the managed enum values and the native Eina_Value_Type pointers. To be used by future MVVM machinery. Reviewers: vitor.sousa, felipealmeida Reviewed By: vitor.sousa Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2019-06-28csharp: fix Eina_Stringshare support in containers for manual and generated APIVitor Sousa
Summary: Both C strings and eina stringshares are bound as regular strings in EFL#, as working directly with these types would demand unnecessary hassle from the user viewpoint. But for eina containers this distinction is important, and since C# generics do not provide a convenient way of dealing with the same type requiring a different management based on some other condition (at least not without compromising the usability for other types), we added a simple `System.String` wrapper named `Eina.Stringshare` that works as a placeholder for signaling this distinction. Working with this class should be transparent in most use cases because it converts to and from `System.String` implicitly. It also implements equality/inequality methods for easier comparison with strings and other stringshare objects. Add new methods and a new container element trait for dealing specifically with `Eina_Stringshare` elements. Adapt eolian_mono to identify and generate the proper placeholder in methods that require stringshare containers. Remove some direct uses of DllImport-ed functions in favor of more flexible manual binding methods. Move `Eina.Stringshare` DllImport directives to a static class named `NativeMethods`, in accordance with the code design warning CA1060. Also add a TODO comment to move all other DllImport directives to this class. Change parameter of the method `Efl.Csharp.Application.OnInitialize` from `Eina.Array<System.String>` to `string[]`. This will make this API more similar with the default C# way of receiving command line arguments. Add tests for containers storing stringshare elements. Reviewers: felipealmeida, lauromoura, segfaultxavi, bu5hm4n Reviewed By: lauromoura Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2019-06-28csharp: make inherited C# classes constructible from native CVitor Sousa
Summary: With this commit it is now possible for a class that inherits from a C# binding class to be instantiated from native C code. It only has to provide a constructor that receives an `Efl.Eo.EoWrapper.ConstructingHandle` struct, and which calls the base binding constructor passing it. For example: `private Type(ConstructingHandle ch) : base(ch) {}`. Add some test files to validate the proper behavior of this feature. Add some small fixes in generation contexts in order to properly generate base constructors. Depends on D9070 Test Plan: `meson test` and `make check` Reviewers: lauromoura, felipealmeida, segfaultxavi, woohyun, YOhoho Reviewed By: YOhoho Subscribers: YOhoho, cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2019-06-25efl-mono: Add object type support for Eina.ValueFelipe Magno de Almeida
Summary: C# `Eina.Value` now has builtin support for `EINA_VALUE_TYPE_OBJECT`. To avoid ambiguity with the `Set` method overloads, explicit casting operators were used for wrapping/unwrapping `Efl.Object` instead of implicit ones like for other value types. Thus, to initialize an `Eina.Value` from an object, you can use the following: `var v = (Eina.Value)myObj;` Reviewers: felipealmeida, vitor.sousa, segfaultxavi, Jaehyun_Cho Reviewed By: Jaehyun_Cho Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2019-05-31csharp: Refactor wrapper lifetime.Vitor Sousa
Summary: This commit makes use of the `ownership,shared` and `ownership,unique` events from Efl.Object in order to avoid the C# wrapper from being collected while C code holds a reference to the object. For example, creating a list of items in a for loop and attaching events to them would fails without this commit, as the C# GC may collect the wrapper. The basic idea is that we use a `WrapperSupervisor`, which is stored in the Eo data storage, with a GCHandle allocated for the lifetime of the underlying Eo object. This supervisor takes care of holding either a weak C# reference (when in unique mode, allowing the wrapper to be GC'd) or a hard C# reference (when in shared mode, making the wrapper non-collectable while the Eo has extra references). One limitation is that object graphs can leak if a shared object in the graph - an Eo child for example - stores a hard reference to another object in the graph as a C# field. In this example, this causes the parent to always have a hard C# reference (from the child) as the child is non-collectable due to the parent holding an Eo reference to it. Depends on D8678 Test Plan: `ninja test` and `make test` Reviewers: lauromoura, felipealmeida, woohyun, segfaultxavi Reviewed By: lauromoura Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2019-04-05efl-csharp: fix crash when events trigger after C# object `Dispose`Vitor Sousa
Summary: Rework general event handling to check individually each event call, if the object is not alive then the event will not be propagated. WeakReferences (and lambdas capturing those WeakRefs) are used to ensure this. Dispose methods in object now take care of checking if efl libraries are still initialized and thread-safely unregister each event before performing an efl_unref on the Eo object. Event handling in C# is now centered around a single dictionary inside the object: `EoEvents`. C# event triggers now properly trigger events on C too. Standardize C# event-triggering methods names (remove underscores). Some diminished use of static memory due events no longer requiring static key objects to be registered/unregistered. Some fixing of white space generation for generated events. Depends on D8431 Reviewers: lauromoura, felipealmeida, segfaultxavi Reviewed By: lauromoura Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2019-04-05efl-csharp: fix resource deallocation causing errors everywhereVitor Sousa
Summary: This commit mainly fixes errors caused by deallocating resources in the garbage collector thread. Using `ecore_main_loop_thread_safe_call_async` to queue resource deallocation in the main thread seems to solve it. Also, some `efl_ref` calls are added in places they were missing, mainly objects that unref in the destructor thus taking ownership if efl_ref is not called. Also fix improper resource deallocation in tests that were causing it to crash, enabling it to call Efl.All.Shutdown again. This allocation and the deallocation process was moved from the Eo class constructor to static class methods that are called in the test 'set up' and 'tear down' methods. Queuing resource deallocation in the main thread make it mandatory that tests call `Efl.App.AppMain.Iterate()` if they want to check proper resource deallocation (like TestFunctionPointers.set_callback_inherited_called_from_c). Extras: Remove duplicated declaration of 'eflcustomexportsmono' in meson in order to fix some linking problems. Remove some unused code around deallocation functions that had to be reworked. Object allocation is now supplied with the call site information it expects (file name and line for _efl_add_start). Depends on D8550 Test Plan: meson test Reviewers: felipealmeida, lauromoura, cedric, segfaultxavi Reviewed By: lauromoura Subscribers: segfaultxavi Tags: #efl_language_bindings, #do_not_merge Differential Revision:
2019-03-01efl-csharp: Fix Eina.Value containing arrays and listsLauro Moura
Summary: It was marshalling erroneously data into and out of arrays and lists. Instead of passing data by value (or by address of correct size), it was stuffing data into IntPtr and trying to parse out afterwards. This commit changes the binding to use the same approach of plain Get/Set, with proper overloads. Reviewers: vitor.sousa, segfaultxavi, felipealmeida Reviewed By: vitor.sousa Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2018-05-17efl_mono: Add support for Eina.Error/Empty in eina.ValueLauro Moura
Summary: eina.Value.Empty now means that we have an zeroed (empty) eina value. For optional values that are empty use eina.Value.OptionalEmpty. This was required to support the empty values passed with EINA_VALUE_EMPTY in some Ecore futures. Also, returning an eina_value by value is not supported in eolian for safety reasons, so we removed some tests that tried to use this behavior. Depends on D6171 Reviewers: felipealmeida Reviewed By: felipealmeida Subscribers: cedric, zmike Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2017-12-04efl_mono: Fix eina_value_set.Lauro Moura
Instead of messing around with varargs, create individual wrappers for each type supported. The va_list approach was getting problems with float/double on Windows.
2017-12-04efl_mono: Add native support libraryLauro Moura
Buildsystem integration will come in a future commit