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2018-05-17efl_mono: Add support for Eina.Error/Empty in eina.ValueLauro Moura
Summary: eina.Value.Empty now means that we have an zeroed (empty) eina value. For optional values that are empty use eina.Value.OptionalEmpty. This was required to support the empty values passed with EINA_VALUE_EMPTY in some Ecore futures. Also, returning an eina_value by value is not supported in eolian for safety reasons, so we removed some tests that tried to use this behavior. Depends on D6171 Reviewers: felipealmeida Reviewed By: felipealmeida Subscribers: cedric, zmike Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2017-12-04efl_mono: Fix eina_value_set.Lauro Moura
Instead of messing around with varargs, create individual wrappers for each type supported. The va_list approach was getting problems with float/double on Windows.
2017-12-04efl_mono: Add native support libraryLauro Moura
Buildsystem integration will come in a future commit