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* efl: make Efl.Model.properties_get return an Iterator<string>.Cedric BAIL2018-11-231-4/+3
* eldbus: migrate and refactor eldbus.model to new efl.model API.Cedric Bail2018-04-301-8/+24
* eldbus: rename custom constructor methodsMike Blumenkrantz2018-02-151-2/+2
* efl callbacks: update some events calls to no longer trigger legacy callbacksdevs/vitorsousa/update_event_callsVitor Sousa2016-08-301-1/+1
* Efl Object: remove legacy callback calls from event_callback_callVitor Sousa2016-08-261-1/+1
* Eo: Finish the renaming of Eo to the EFL.Tom Hacohen2016-08-151-4/+4
* Change the EFL to follow the new Eo rename.Tom Hacohen2016-08-111-4/+4
* Efl, Eio, Eldbus, Elementary: new model API use eina_promiseLarry Jr2016-04-291-3/+2
* Automatic migration to Eo4.Tom Hacohen2016-03-031-3/+3
* eldbus model: no need to double const a Eina_StringshareStefan Schmidt2016-01-111-1/+1
* eldbus: add efl.model implementation.Guilherme Lepsch2015-12-101-0/+102