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2016-02-13eldbus: add more debug prints for proxy and signal handlerMike Blumenkrantz
2015-12-10eldbus: add efl.model implementation.Guilherme Lepsch
2015-02-09eldbus: refactoring code.Guilherme Lepsch
2015-02-05eldbus: eina_value not allocated from mempool.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-17eldbus: Fix crash when removing the last reference of the message container i...José Roberto de Souza
2014-12-05eldbus: Add timeout parameter to eldbus_proxy_send_and_block()José Roberto de Souza
2014-12-04eldbus: Add actual API function code for eldbus_proxy_send_and_blockChris Michael
2014-08-10eldbus: do not ignore numeric "0" in property_setWonguk Jeong
2013-12-26efl: Unified eina critical manro to CRI.Daniel Juyung Seo
2013-11-29eldbus: Fix crash caused when the object of an monitored proxy is deletedJosé Roberto de Souza
2013-11-29Revert "workaround for T543"José Roberto de Souza
2013-11-21workaround for T543Mike Blumenkrantz
2013-09-02eldbus: Make properties_monitor() return a boolean indicating if props are al...José Roberto de Souza
2013-09-02eldbus: Add a new proxy event to notify when properties are cachedJosé Roberto de Souza
2013-07-25eldbus: Check if property_get_all() returned a error before read propertiesJosé Roberto de Souza
2013-06-20more descriptive error message in eldbus when property fetching failsMike Blumenkrantz
2013-04-23Rename edbus->eldbusLucas De Marchi