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2017-12-08efl_ui_widget: use elm_widget_element_update to set subobj edcSungtaek Hong
affected widget list: efl_ui_clock: test, ampm efl_ui_multibuttonentry: guidetext, label, closedbutton efl_ui_slider: popup(indicator) efl_ui_text: scroller, handler, magnifier, cursor, selection, anchor
2016-11-15elm: Efl.Ui.clock: use efl_isa instead.Amitesh Singh
2016-11-03efl_ui_clock: Merge datetime/dayselector/clock widgets into efl_ui_clock.Amitesh Singh
Summary: Datetime widget is module based, so datetime widget is used as base for efl_ui_clock and merged dayselector/clock features into efl_ui_clock. Added day selection and seconds support in efl_ui_clock. Added clock features like auto updation of time, stop timer etc in efl_ui_clock. Added API to enable/disable edit_mode. efl_ui_clock can be configurable to display either only day/date/time or display any two of them or display all three. Added efl_ui_clock.c and test_ui_clock.c. Theme and Module is added in another patch by Amitesh. Original author is Yeshwanth <>. I have polished this patch a bit and make it compatible with current EFL code. Test Plan: test_ui_clock Reviewers: bu5hm4n, tasn, yashu21985, jpeg, cedric, raster Subscribers: CHAN, woohyun Differential Revision: