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2017-11-01efl_ui_focus_manager: improve debug informationsMarcel Hollerbach
2017-10-27efl_ui_focus_manager: the FOCUSED event now carries the last focusedMarcel Hollerbach
2017-10-20efl_ui_focus_manager: new apiMarcel Hollerbach
2017-10-18elm: Split elm_general.eot in two: legacy and EOJean-Philippe Andre
2017-10-10elm_main: port to new focus apiMarcel Hollerbach
2017-10-10elm: move the focus direction definition to generalMarcel Hollerbach
2017-10-09efl_ui_focus_manager_calc: focus a child if a logical is focusedMarcel Hollerbach
2017-09-15elementary: convert to new ownershipDaniel Kolesa
2017-08-31docs: efl_ui_focus_manager: fill in missing docsStefan Schmidt
2017-08-31docs: efl_ui_manager: document newly added structStefan Schmidt
2017-08-30efl_ui_focus_manager: make logical_end work betterMarcel Hollerbach
2017-08-30efl_ui_focus_manager: reset focus stack once we are changing redirectMarcel Hollerbach
2017-08-10efl_ui_focus_manager: make focus a propertyMarcel Hollerbach
2017-08-10efl_ui_focus_manager: split this of tinto a class and a interfaceMarcel Hollerbach
2017-06-10efl_ui_focus_manager: enhance documentation of the semantics of thatMarcel Hollerbach
2017-05-04efl_ui_focus_manager: specify the event in the same way evas doesMarcel Hollerbach
2017-05-04efl_ui_focus_manager: the caller gives away the ownership of this listMarcel Hollerbach
2017-05-04efl_ui_focus_manager: elaborate on what the last object isMarcel Hollerbach
2017-05-04efl_ui_focus_manager: make documentation clearMarcel Hollerbach
2017-05-04efl_ui_focus_manager: give feedback if setting root worked or notMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-25docs: efl_ui_focus_manager: document last missing items in this new fileStefan Schmidt
2017-04-25docs: efl_ui_focus_manager: document focus relations struct membersStefan Schmidt
2017-04-21focus: Review EO file and adjust doc a bitJean-Philippe Andre
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: make setting a order easierMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20elm_interface_scrollable: fix bringing in of itemsMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: allow settings of subsetsMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: handle redirect objects in logical betterMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: add log domain for focus movementsMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: restructure node structMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: more debug informationMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: handle redirect managers in a better wayMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: a logical item should never get focus.Marcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20elm_widget: add debugging informations for a manager in a widgetMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: new api for adding a logical widgetMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: add new api to receive child configurationMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20focus: update documentation on all eo filesMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui: introduce a focus manager and sub manager objectMarcel Hollerbach