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2017-11-01efl_ui_focus_manager: improve debug informationsMarcel Hollerbach
2017-10-27efl_ui_focus_manager: the FOCUSED event now carries the last focusedMarcel Hollerbach
object This is usefull to react on focused events
2017-10-20efl_ui_focus_manager: new apiMarcel Hollerbach
Can be used to fetch a focusable widget that has child as parent.
2017-10-18elm: Split elm_general.eot in two: legacy and EOJean-Philippe Andre
This creates efl_ui.eot It's not called efl_ui_types.eot because a file with that name already exists in efl/interfaces (for Efl.Ui.Drag functions). Also add some FIXME comments, and move some types to elm_widget_item.eo. Ref T5329
2017-10-10elm_main: port to new focus apiMarcel Hollerbach
2017-10-10elm: move the focus direction definition to generalMarcel Hollerbach
and remove the old definition
2017-10-09efl_ui_focus_manager_calc: focus a child if a logical is focusedMarcel Hollerbach
If you call focus_set(m, o) where o is a logical child, then the focus will go to any none logical child of o, or if there is nothing in the children of o, then the focus will remain on the now focused element.
2017-09-15elementary: convert to new ownershipDaniel Kolesa
2017-08-31docs: efl_ui_focus_manager: fill in missing docsStefan Schmidt
2017-08-31docs: efl_ui_manager: document newly added structStefan Schmidt
This was added recently and thus has a since 1.21 tag
2017-08-30efl_ui_focus_manager: make logical_end work betterMarcel Hollerbach
it turns out that we should also repsect logical elements that are having a redirect_manager, since they are more at the "end" then a potential regular node. The user now needs to handle the logical_end call on this manager, or handle at all what he wants to do with this information. efl_ui_win now handles it in the way that it just focuses that logical node, (which results in the redirect manager beeing set, then calling again logical_end on that manager. Repeating this until we have finally found a regular node that does fit out needs.
2017-08-30efl_ui_focus_manager: reset focus stack once we are changing redirectMarcel Hollerbach
ref T5923
2017-08-10efl_ui_focus_manager: make focus a propertyMarcel Hollerbach
2017-08-10efl_ui_focus_manager: split this of tinto a class and a interfaceMarcel Hollerbach
it turns out to be very handy to have a interface for the moving and border elements, that is unconnected to the way of how widgets are registering themself. This for example enables us to get a simple focus manager that just redirects the call into a internal 2 dimensional data struct
2017-06-10efl_ui_focus_manager: enhance documentation of the semantics of thatMarcel Hollerbach
2017-05-04efl_ui_focus_manager: specify the event in the same way evas doesMarcel Hollerbach
2017-05-04efl_ui_focus_manager: the caller gives away the ownership of this listMarcel Hollerbach
2017-05-04efl_ui_focus_manager: elaborate on what the last object isMarcel Hollerbach
2017-05-04efl_ui_focus_manager: make documentation clearMarcel Hollerbach
jpeg pointed out that the documentation here is missleading and unclear.
2017-05-04efl_ui_focus_manager: give feedback if setting root worked or notMarcel Hollerbach
so a potential caller can make sure if the set of root worked or not
2017-04-25docs: efl_ui_focus_manager: document last missing items in this new fileStefan Schmidt
2017-04-25docs: efl_ui_focus_manager: document focus relations struct membersStefan Schmidt
2017-04-21focus: Review EO file and adjust doc a bitJean-Philippe Andre
I was reading it to understand this new focus system. So I also made some cosmetic changes here and there in the file: wrap, fix a few typos, add missing docs. I'm not pretending that the doc is perfect now. This really was just a personal review.
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: make setting a order easierMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20elm_interface_scrollable: fix bringing in of itemsMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: allow settings of subsetsMarcel Hollerbach
those subsets will just be prepended.
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: handle redirect objects in logical betterMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: add log domain for focus movementsMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: restructure node structMarcel Hollerbach
a redirect can happen for logical OR normal
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: more debug informationMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: handle redirect managers in a better wayMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: a logical item should never get focus.Marcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20elm_widget: add debugging informations for a manager in a widgetMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: new api for adding a logical widgetMarcel Hollerbach
a widget which is registered logically will not be used for right left top or down relations.
2017-04-20efl_ui_focus_manager: add new api to receive child configurationMarcel Hollerbach
2017-04-20focus: update documentation on all eo filesMarcel Hollerbach
we should now have a complete documentation of those eo files
2017-04-20efl_ui: introduce a focus manager and sub manager objectMarcel Hollerbach
The Efl.Ui.Focus.Manager abstracts the creation of a localization graph and a logical tree. The localization graph is used to find a object right left up or down of a given object. The logical tree is used to iterate throuw the containers which are used to build a ui. Those managers can be used bound to some layer in the ui, so for example the window is a layer, the content of a scroller is a layer. With those layers, we can make sure that movements of a scroller for example just means that this graph of objects in the scroller needs to be recalculated, and not the complete ui. The advantage of having this to layer bound datastructures is that you can easily debug those graphs, since the complete layer of this managerobject can be calculated completly.