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* efl_ui_focus_object: introduce a new event for focus geometry changesMarcel Hollerbach2018-11-261-0/+1
* efl_ui_focus_object: add new eventMarcel Hollerbach2018-11-201-0/+1
* efl_ui_focus: add flag to indicate if a child has the focusMarcel Hollerbach2018-11-131-0/+6
* docs: Fix Efl.Ui.Focus.Object.Focus() docsXavi Artigas2018-09-261-11/+11
* docs: Fix typos and some wrong expressions in API reference doc.Myoungwoon Roy, Kim2018-08-301-1/+1
* efl_ui_focus_object:Marcel Hollerbach2018-04-091-1/+5
* widget: Move on_focus_update to Focus.ObjectJean-Philippe Andre2018-01-191-1/+4
* efl_ui_focus: merge efl_ui_focus_user and efl_ui_focus_object into one mixinYeongjong Lee2018-01-161-0/+25
* docs: Update elementary eo files for grammar and readabilityAndy Williams2018-01-041-8/+8
* efl_ui_focus_object: make it protectedMarcel Hollerbach2017-11-151-0/+6
* efl_ui_focus_object: introduce prepare_logicalMarcel Hollerbach2017-10-131-0/+7
* efl_ui_focus_object: also implement focus.getMarcel Hollerbach2017-09-301-1/+0
* efl: Introduce Eina.Rect and switch EO APIs to itJean-Philippe Andre2017-09-181-1/+1
* efl_ui_focus_manager: rename api from geometry to focus_geometryMarcel Hollerbach2017-05-041-4/+7
* focus: Review EO file and adjust doc a bitJean-Philippe Andre2017-04-211-7/+13
* fix .eo file breaksMarcel Hollerbach2017-04-201-1/+1
* focus: fix compilationMarcel Hollerbach2017-04-201-0/+2
* focus: update object definitionMarcel Hollerbach2017-04-201-5/+7
* efl_ui: introduce a focus manager and sub manager objectMarcel Hollerbach2017-04-201-0/+28