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2017-09-13edje/elm: Rename _internal_ to _part_ (EO)Jean-Philippe Andre
In Edje and Elementary, we have part objects, which are what is returned by the interface efl_part(). Those objects can't be of an opaque type as this doesn't work nicely with strongly typed languages such as C++ or C#. In JS, Lua, C the types are weak and mostly runtime-based so it doesn't matter much. As a consequence, the documentation and the types need to look nice in this EO API. Thus, we remove the abusive term "internal" and explicitly call all those classes "part" something. Eventually we want the types to be declared in the EO file so bindings (C#, C++, ...) can generate the proper access methods, returning the best possible types. Note that right now a few of those part types are used in the legacy API but don't actually need to be exposed externally. This is kind of a mega commit that does all the renaming at once, but it's really just a big sed operation. The power of good IDEs :) Ref T5315 Ref T5306
2017-08-31docs: efl_ui_panes: document last missing partStefan Schmidt
2017-08-11Efl.Ui.Panes: rename min_split_ratio to split_ratio_minAmitesh Singh
2017-08-11Efl.Ui.Panes: rename allow_user_size_hints to hint_min_allowAmitesh Singh
thanks to raster for suggestion.
2017-08-10Efl.Ui.Panes: rename left/right_size_set to split_ratioAmitesh Singh
This name makes more sense and one api does the job of two. We never needed two apis at first place though. Mark left/right_size_set as legacy apis too. This patch also implements min_split_ratio on parts. @feature refer T5359
2017-08-10Efl.Ui.Panes: implement allow_user_size_hints on partsAmitesh Singh
This allows user to set size hints to be respected and request panes to ignore combined min size. If this flag is set, the minimum size set by efl_gfx_size_hint_min_set() is respected forcefully. @feature refer T5359