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* elm_part_helper: Change macro name for default content partJaehyun Cho2017-11-291-1/+1
* efl_ui_popup: Replace Efl.Container to Efl.Content to rebaseJaehyun Cho2017-11-281-18/+5
* efl_ui_popup: Make backwall efl part object of Efl.Ui.PopupJaehyun Cho2017-11-281-23/+84
* efl_ui_popup: Rename bg_set with backwall_setJaehyun Cho2017-11-281-27/+27
* efl_ui_popup: add _calc_align function in sizing eval functionTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-0/+2
* efl_ui_popup: add timeout signalTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-0/+1
* efl_ui_popup: Replace group_add/del with constructor/destructorJaehyun Cho2017-11-281-10/+17
* efl_ui_popup: Code refactoring to replace legacy APIsJaehyun Cho2017-11-281-73/+66
* efl_ui_popup: remove parent_window_get methodJinYong Park2017-11-281-6/+0
* efl_ui_popup: add timeout propertyTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-0/+61
* efl_ui_popup: remove unnecessary function callJinYong Park2017-11-281-4/+1
* efl_ui_popup: remove efl_ui_popup_position_setJinYong Park2017-11-281-12/+6
* efl_ui_popup: use efl_data_scope_get instead of using 'self' objectJinYong Park2017-11-281-18/+16
* efl_ui_popup: cover the corner case of popup sizing evaluationTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-1/+1
* efl_ui_popup: make popup size expandableTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-0/+10
* efl_ui_popup: add align and position propertiesTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-12/+67
* efl_ui_popup: add bg_set and bg_repeat_events_set/get APIJinYong Park2017-11-281-0/+48
* efl_ui_popup: add Efl.Ui.Popup classTaehyub Kim2017-11-281-0/+133