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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-19widget: Move on_focus_update to Focus.ObjectJean-Philippe Andre
2018-01-18win: Remove unusable type "dnd"Jean-Philippe Andre
2018-01-18win: Remove "ioerr" eventJean-Philippe Andre
2018-01-08widget: rename elm widget to Efl.Ui.Widget.Amitesh Singh
2018-01-04docs: Update elementary eo files for grammar and readabilityAndy Williams
2017-12-12win: apply conformant features.Hosang Kim
2017-12-08interface: add Efl.Canvas.Pointer intf for pointer related functions.Amitesh Singh
2017-11-29focus: fix build break after previous commit.Amitesh Singh
2017-11-20win: Make wm_available_rotations simpler for EOJean-Philippe Andre
2017-11-20efl: Split Efl.Container and Efl.ContentJean-Philippe Andre
2017-11-16win: Rename specific APIs to avoid clashesJean-Philippe Andre
2017-11-16elm: Rename elm_interface_atspi_widget_action mixinLukasz Stanislawski
2017-11-14win: Move autodel to C onlyJean-Philippe Andre
2017-11-01efl_ui_win: revert accidental override removeDaniel Kolesa
2017-11-01elementary: use @cref where possibleDaniel Kolesa
2017-10-25wayland: add support for efl weight hint propagation from elm_win to efl_wlMike Blumenkrantz
2017-10-19elm: rename Elm_Interface_Atspi_Accessible interfaceLukasz Stanislawski
2017-10-10efl_ui_win: port to new focus api!Marcel Hollerbach
2017-09-28efl: Remove @owned tag from pack/content APIsJean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-26input: Move pointer props to CanvasJean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-25elementary: provide and implement lifecycle event on the window.Cedric BAIL
2017-09-19win: Use Eina.Size2D for pointer positionJean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-15elementary: convert to new ownershipDaniel Kolesa
2017-09-13widget: Rename focus_manager_factory to createJean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-12elm: rename Elm.Interface.Atspi.Component => Efl.Access.ComponentLukasz Stanislawski
2017-09-12elm: rename Elm.Interface.Atspi.Window => Efl.Access.WindowLukasz Stanislawski
2017-09-01win: Fixup doc & code of icon_objectJean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-01win: Use array for available_profiles (EO)Jean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-01win: Drop calls to lower when using the EO APIJean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-01win: Implement raise from stack (EO)Jean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-01win: Move focus_highlight_animate to widget (EO)Jean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-01win: Move focus_highlight_enabled to widget (EO)Jean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-01win: Merge focus_highlight_style with widget (EO)Jean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-01widget: Rename on_focus to on_focus_update (EO)Jean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-01win: Merge focus with elm_widget's (EO)Jean-Philippe Andre
2017-08-23win: Remove types socket and fake from EOJean-Philippe Andre
2017-08-23win: Add Efl.Ui.Win_Inlined and remove parent2Jean-Philippe Andre
2017-08-04win: implement efl_provider_find for EFL_UI_WIN_CLASSTaehyub Kim
2017-08-04eo debug name: Use strbuf instead of slstrJean-Philippe Andre
2017-08-04evas/edje/elm: Override debug_name in core classesJean-Philippe Andre
2017-07-28elm_win: do not implement aspect_get()Mike Blumenkrantz
2017-07-17win: Fix ABI compatibility for grab modifiersJean-Philippe Andre
2017-07-07elm_win: manually create a wl2 window for FAKE wins under waylandMike Blumenkrantz
2017-06-15win: Implement Efl.Canvas device & seat getJean-Philippe Andre
2017-06-09elm_widget: add factory method to the widgetMarcel Hollerbach
2017-05-19evas/elm: Make group_add/group_del internal functionsJean-Philippe Andre
2017-05-19evas: Make Efl.Canvas.Object.legacy_ctor internalJean-Philippe Andre
2017-05-17win: Remove special class Efl.Ui.Win.StandardJean-Philippe Andre
2017-05-16evas: Replace Evas.Modifier_Mask with Efl.Input enumsJean-Philippe Andre
2017-04-20efl_ui_win: make it a focus managerMarcel Hollerbach