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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-07elm_code_widget_legacy: remove all legacy usage from eo filesMike Blumenkrantz
2019-03-07elm_code_widget: make this efl_ui namespacedMike Blumenkrantz
2018-03-06elm: fix location of legacy include for elm_code.Lauro Moura
2018-01-24efl_ui_legacy: add new interface to indicate legacy widgetSungtaek Hong
2016-09-05Rename efl_self to efl_addedTom Hacohen
2016-08-15Eo: Finish the renaming of Eo to the EFL.Tom Hacohen
2016-06-02elementary: merging in elm_code widget.Cedric BAIL
2016-03-18Update to latest eo_add syntaxAndy Williams
2016-03-18Update to latest eo_add syntaxAndy Williams
2016-03-10Update to latest eo syntaxAndy Williams
2015-06-02elm_code: add legacy API.Andy Williams
2015-05-31Fix many warnings.Andy Williams
2015-05-30elm_code: support setting custom fontsAndy Williams
2015-03-08elm_code line: unsigned int for lengthAndy Williams
2015-02-28elm_code: require an elm_code for each widgetAndy Williams
2015-02-26elm_code parse: Add standard parsers starting with diff.Andy Williams
2015-02-14elm_code: Tidying our callbacks and line manipulation.Andy Williams
2015-02-14elm_code: focus: block focus leaving text area when editable.Andy Williams
2015-01-26Refactor eo widget2 to widget - update in edi tooAndy Williams
2015-01-26Port everything to use new widget API. Remove old widget APIAndy Williams
2015-01-04Elm_Code now compiling on Windows, thanks to Vincent Torri for the patch.Andy Williams
2014-11-28Use an in-memory file for new elm_codes by default.Andy Williams
2014-11-23Render all filename headers in a diff widgetAndy Williams
2014-11-22Add a simple diff widget based on an incoming diff file.Andy Williams