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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-19photocam: Use Eina.Rect for image_regionJean-Philippe Andre
2017-08-22Move efl interfaces from evas to efl directoryDaniel Zaoui
2017-05-29elm: rename elm_photocam to Efl.Ui.Image.ZoomableAmitesh Singh
2017-05-18photocam: fix make distcheckAmitesh Singh
2017-05-18photocam: move zoom related APIs to Efl.Ui.ZoomableAmitesh Singh
2017-05-17photocam: rename 'paused' API to 'zoom_animation'Amitesh Singh
2017-05-17photocam: implement Efl.Gfx.View.view_size.getAmitesh Singh
2017-05-17photocam: merge image_region_show() into image_regionAmitesh Singh
2017-05-17photocam: remove internal_image_get as eo apiAmitesh Singh
2017-05-15photocam: Fix invalid type in legacy headerJean-Philippe Andre
2017-05-15photocam: Move image_orient to legacyJean-Philippe Andre
2016-03-23elementary: move all legacy files to their expected new location.Cedric BAIL