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* Revert Efl.Ui.Multibuttonentry to create new one.Woochan Lee2018-04-191-0/+157
* elm: rename elm_multibuttonentry to Efl.Ui.MultibuttonentryWoochan Lee2017-10-241-153/+0
* mbe: Fix infinite recursion on focus changeJean-Philippe Andre2017-08-311-1/+1
* multibuttonentry: Separate selected item and focused item logic.Woochan Lee2017-08-311-0/+1
* multibuttonentry : fix box indicated item correctly in item_insert_before and...JEONGHYUN YUN2017-03-091-1/+0
* Eo: Finish the renaming of Eo to the EFL.Tom Hacohen2016-08-151-6/+6
* elementary: move all legacy files to their expected new location.Cedric BAIL2016-03-231-0/+153