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2017-09-26elementary: avoid segfault when getting focus due to an infinite recursion.Cedric BAIL
This was two line switched and setting the callbacks on the wrong object.
2017-09-26elementary: actually implement the terminate event.Cedric BAIL
2017-09-26elementary: don't crash if API is called after shutdown.Cedric BAIL
2017-09-26elementary: restore input propagation and destroy array properly.Cedric BAIL
2017-09-26elm: win part EO files are publicJean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-26win: Remove invalid callbacksJean-Philippe Andre
Faulty commit (guess who?): 596dba5fe5fa8b4101f50bbed66c29c791a2572f See also d567faa7787afb3d478f1c857cb28ab4fa0e5fc3 Finally make check works again. That was... a painful lot of patches to fix.
2017-09-26Revert "Fix infinite recursion for legacy + efl ui win events"Jean-Philippe Andre
This reverts commit d567faa7787afb3d478f1c857cb28ab4fa0e5fc3. This is not trying to fix the root cause for the infinite loop.
2017-09-26elm: Fix shutdown of atspi (unregister handlers)Jean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-26elm: Delete atspi root object on shutdownJean-Philippe Andre
Ugly implementation but this will do. @fix
2017-09-26elm: Fix elm_shutdownJean-Philippe Andre
ecore could not shut down properly in an elm_init()/elm_shutdown() cycle, with 7 remaining references, all because of a typo. This should help @cedric as well
2017-09-26win: Avoid calling same function twice on shutdownJean-Philippe Andre
This avoids calling: ecore_evas_callback_delete_request_set ecore_evas_callback_resize_set twice when deleting a window. Also adds safety over sd->ee.
2017-09-26elm: Properly unregister providers on shutdownJean-Philippe Andre
This should fix some errors in make check with CK_FORK=no Test: <efl/build>/src$ CK_FORK=no ./tests/elementary/elm_suite elm_config @fix
2017-09-26win: Avoid safety ERR in efreetJean-Philippe Andre
This is an error happening in make check. Annoying but mostly harmless.
2017-09-26elm: Fix module load with ELM_RUN_IN_TREEJean-Philippe Andre
Somehow I was seeing a ton of errors with "prefs_iface" not found in make check. This code could not have worked since the merge of elementary in EFL tree... @fix
2017-09-26elm_bg: rename elm_bg to Efl.Ui.BgSungtaek Hong
Summary: elm_bg was supposed to be used only in legacy, but since we need a common object to be used as a background of widgets, it is now renamed as efl_ui_bg and supports EO APIs. Reviewers: cedric, jpeg, woohyun Differential Revision:
2017-09-26input: Move pointer props to CanvasJean-Philippe Andre
efl_input_pointer_position is defined by two classes... bad! Fixes T6066
2017-09-26elm: rename Elm.Interface.Atspi.Text => Efl.Access.TextLukasz Stanislawski
Reviewers: cedric, jpeg Differential Revision:
2017-09-26widget: Fix translation of default text partsJean-Philippe Andre
Note: fileselector uses this translation API Ref T5363
2017-09-26widget: Remove domain_part_text_translatable from EOJean-Philippe Andre
This removes the last remaining legacy-style part API from Widget. I think this is redundant with the property "translatable_text" introduced in Efl.Ui.Translatable. Ref T5363
2017-09-26widget: Implement translation API in layoutJean-Philippe Andre
This moves the API entry points from Widget to Layout parts. I don't think the other widgets support translation, but that is easy to fix. The actual code implementation remains in elm_widget.c. Legacy-only widgets are covered by Part_Legacy, while all EO widgets that have text inherit from Layout (except Win but I don't think the window title was translatable in legacy). This removes 2/3 remaining part APIs from Widget. Ref T5363
2017-09-26elm: Introduce interface Efl.Ui.TranslatableJean-Philippe Andre
This will be used to replace the part translation API in Elm.Widget. It should work for both parts and non-parts (ie. the main text of a button, for instance). For now I'm taking the following approach: - All efl_text_set/get strings are untranslatable, i.e. get() returns the visible string, set replaces and can not be translated. - translatable_text_set/get needs to be used to enable automatic translation, which in turns calls efl_text_set to modify the visible string. Thus, translatable applications will have to use efl_ui_translatable_text_set a lot more than efl_text_set, unless they translate strings application-side. Note that some other frameworks take a simpler approach equivalent to calling efl_text_set() with an already translated text. This prevents runtime language changes of the application, unless the application handles them specifically.
2017-09-26widget: Add tiny doc for Efl.Ui.Widget.PartJean-Philippe Andre
2017-09-26Fix infinite recursion for legacy + efl ui win eventsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-09-26Fix crash when an application wants to get the popup item classDaniel Zaoui
Since elm_popup_item.eo.h is only included in elc_popup.h, the EAPI is not well defined, resulting in a crash when, in a simple C file, the item class is tried to be accessed. By including the H file in elc_popup_eo.h, we make it public (as the other item classes) and solve the EAPI issue. Thanks @jpeg for helping me to solve this issue.
2017-09-25elementary: provide a new initialization macro that support lifecycle.Cedric BAIL
EFL_MAIN_EX require efl_main, efl_resume, efl_pause and efl_terminate to be working. Quicklaunch support added too.
2017-09-25elementary: provide and implement lifecycle event on the window.Cedric BAIL
pause event means that the window is not visible anymore to any user. resume is triggered when the window became visible again or just became visible again.
2017-09-25Ui text: use proper Efl.Text API to set textDaniel Hirt
Fixes error message during initialization.
2017-09-25Ui text: use eina_value_get and not eina_value_pgetDaniel Hirt
CID 1381328
2017-09-25elm hoversel - fix alignment in ephotoCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
fixes T6078 @fix
2017-09-25inwin: Fix oopsie in previous commitJean-Philippe Andre
Bad push! >_<
2017-09-25inwin: Fix inwin (default content set/get/unset)Jean-Philippe Andre
Thanks @JackDanielZ for the report! This makes efl_content_set/get/unset APIs work on the inwin, even though this is a legacy-only widget (at least right now).
2017-09-25layout: Remove default content implementationJean-Philippe Andre
Legacy API is supposed to resolve the default content part name before calling the EO API. Efl.Ui.Layout itself doesn't handle default content.
2017-09-23elm_hover: do not register itselfMarcel Hollerbach
we are already registered as root in that manager
2017-09-23elm_widget: abort is probebly a bit too muchMarcel Hollerbach
2017-09-22eolian: add any_value_ptrDaniel Kolesa
Because pointer Eina_Values and value Eina_Values have slightly different semantics (when it comes to resource management) it's better to split them.
2017-09-22eolian: rename generic_value to any_valueDaniel Kolesa
2017-09-22eolian: add mstringDaniel Kolesa
This is a new type representing a mutable string (no const). Regular strings cannot be made mutable with @owned because they might be hidden behind typedefs.
2017-09-22eo: make more freefuncs implicitDaniel Kolesa
2017-09-22EFL For WIN32: Replace HAVE_EVIL define with _WIN32Vincent 'vtorri' Torri
2017-09-21elm_code: respect event hold for key_downAndy Williams
2017-09-21layout: Fix slider label using proper part typeJean-Philippe Andre
This relies on the new edje API that gives us the exact type of a part. This fixes the shortcomings of edje_edit_part_type_get() and returns a proper Text part type for efl_part(slider, "elm.units.max"). See previous commits: "edje: Add part_type_get API" "elm: Split off text and content for efl_part"
2017-09-21hover: Fix hover parts usageJean-Philippe Andre
The string comparison was invalid for full part names. It worked with the aliases, by chance, not by design. This got broken by eee60abbcf but using full part names from the application side was already broken before that. @fix
2017-09-21elm: Resolve part alias in legacy APIs onlyJean-Philippe Andre
This fixes make check.
2017-09-21elm: Remove range "span_size" API in EOJean-Philippe Andre
Reasons: - This API has been confused with the min size of the widget, resulting in badly laid out applications. - The EO API was not very nice (Range is about numbers, the Gfx size hint in a part is really ugly). While I understand the value of this API and how it can be used in scalable applications, it is in fact not absolutely necessary. Alternatively to that span size, the widget min size can already be defined from the application side, or the widget can simply be expanded to fill in its parent. This can obviously be reinstated later if the need arises for EO. For now, keep this feature as legacy-only.
2017-09-21elm: Split off text and content for efl_partJean-Philippe Andre
This is VERY tricky. For legacy, just create an internal class that has both. It's easier this way. For parts that are handled by Layout directly, we know from Edje which type to return. For EO objects we should know from the part name which kind of part we are dealing with: - text (overridden by the widget) - content (overridden by the widget) - special (new efl_part based functions) - generic (handled by Layout) Note: Efl.Ui.Slider was handling "span size" on ALL parts. That's bad... This is now limited to "span" only.
2017-09-21elm: Move base implementation for efl_part in widgetJean-Philippe Andre
This means that ALL part handles inherit from the base part class Efl.Ui.Widget.Part. Layout is the only exception where Efl.Part is specially overridden. This is a first step towards generic part APIs, including background in all widgets.
2017-09-20Ui text: add Efl.Ui.Text_Async objectDaniel Hirt
Adds "Efl.Ui.Text_Async" object. This new widget uses the "async_layout" functionality of the underlying Efl.Canvas.Text object. Currently, if "editable" mode is enabled, there is no asynchronous layout, as interactive operations (e.g. typing) should get processed immediately. Thus, only "non-editable" instructs the text object to do asynchronous layout. @feature
2017-09-20efl ui layout - handle content unset properly and remove the unset itemCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
the content unset in some cases - specifically terminology seems to put the item back in and doesnt remove it... causing it later to be deleted if unset to remove it and re-use it (which is rarely done). @fix
2017-09-20Ui text: add null checks for anchor updateDaniel Hirt
Add null checks in case item was not found. Also use one more emoticon to test the provider.
2017-09-20Edje: move selection-related part_text API to legacyDaniel Hirt