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2019-09-24eolian: remove support for globalsDaniel Kolesa
2019-03-21eolian: assume requires section is legitimate dependenciesDaniel Kolesa
2019-02-28eolian: remove support for inlist/inarrayDaniel Kolesa
2019-02-28eolian: add support for inlist structsDaniel Kolesa
2018-11-23eolian: implement new inherit behaviorDaniel Kolesa
2018-05-15eolian: more useful namespace checks with no false negativesDaniel Kolesa
2018-05-15eolian: initial simple namespace conflict checkDaniel Kolesa
2018-05-13eolian: fix false negatives in unused dependency static checkerDaniel Kolesa
2018-05-13eolian: cycle checks for all toplevel decls in static analyzerDaniel Kolesa
2018-05-11eolian: introduce initial out-of-validation static checkingDaniel Kolesa
2018-05-03eolian: add source file for the future static checkerDaniel Kolesa