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2015-10-04eolian: fix out-of-bounds indexing on tokensDaniel Kolesa
2015-09-24eolian: enable doc dependency parsing codeDaniel Kolesa
2015-09-23eolian: preliminary doc dependency detection for external filesDaniel Kolesa
2015-09-21eolian: split tokens/keywords for cleaner indexingDaniel Kolesa
2015-09-03eolian: disable parsing of old style docsDaniel Kolesa
2015-08-11eolian: class members now inherit their class's since tagDaniel Kolesa
2015-08-06eolian: @since no longer needs to be its own paragraph in docsDaniel Kolesa
2015-07-15eolian: do not use an invalid pointer after updating bufferDaniel Kolesa
2015-07-07eolian: initial work on doc syntax validation (disabled for now)Daniel Kolesa
2015-06-25eolian: try replacing '.' with locale specific decimal pointDaniel Kolesa
2015-06-23eolian: relax doc parsing a little (no need to check if @since is allowed)Daniel Kolesa
2015-06-23eolian: simplify doc parsing logic a bitDaniel Kolesa
2015-06-23eolian: new doc token lexer/parserDaniel Kolesa
2015-06-10eolian: fix wrong type keyword checkDaniel Kolesa
2015-06-09eolian: pass rbuf to doc_errorDaniel Kolesa
2015-06-08eolian: support for @since tag in new doc commentsDaniel Kolesa
2015-06-08eolian: silence static analysisDaniel Kolesa
2015-06-05eolian: remove support for short doc comments (//@)Daniel Kolesa
2015-06-04eolian: double newline ends summary, not singleDaniel Kolesa
2015-06-03eolian: properly fill and free all doc fieldsDaniel Kolesa
2015-06-02eolian: Eolian_Object for docsDaniel Kolesa
2015-06-02eolian: initial lexing of documentationDaniel Kolesa
2015-05-29eolian: more advanced comment parsing (properly skip asterisks etc)Daniel Kolesa
2015-05-29eolian: "generic_value" builtin typeDaniel Kolesa
2015-05-29eolian: reserve __builtin_event_cbDaniel Kolesa
2015-05-27eolian: better error reporting (include correct token info)Daniel Kolesa
2015-05-22eolian: remove obsolete code dealing with multiple classes per fileDaniel Kolesa
2015-05-19eolian: add a functional "import" statementDaniel Kolesa
2015-05-15eolian: much better and stricter redefinition checkingDaniel Kolesa
2015-05-14eolian: use fprintf(stderr) rather than eina_log for compile errorsDaniel Kolesa
2015-05-01eolian: fix lexer assertion failureDaniel Kolesa
2015-05-01eolian: specialize tmp free for typedef (avoid double free issue)Daniel Kolesa
2014-09-23fix config.h inclusion across the treeMike Blumenkrantz
2014-09-22eolian: remove some unused funcsDaniel Kolesa
2014-09-12eolian: remove str_items from tempsDaniel Kolesa
2014-09-12eolian: get rid of a listDaniel Kolesa
2014-09-12eolian: remove eo_definitionsDaniel Kolesa
2014-09-11eolian: simplify more fill codeDaniel Kolesa
2014-09-11eolian: remove Eo_Class_Def (fill bits still remaining)Daniel Kolesa
2014-09-08eolian: builtin complex typesDaniel Kolesa
2014-09-05eolian: skip UTF-8 BOM if presentDaniel Kolesa
2014-08-21eolian: drop Eina_ValueDaniel Kolesa
2014-08-21eolian: add infrastructure for globals and constantsDaniel Kolesa
2014-08-21eolian: support for single-line doc commentsDaniel Kolesa
2014-08-21eolian: expression mode for lexerDaniel Kolesa
2014-08-21eolian: expression improvementsDaniel Kolesa
2014-08-21eolian: initial API for expression evaluationDaniel Kolesa
2014-08-21eolian: lexing of multichar binary operatorsDaniel Kolesa
2014-08-21eolian: initial support for expression parsingDaniel Kolesa
2014-07-23eolian: fix coverity defectsDaniel Kolesa