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10 hoursevas_textblock: fix doc typoAli Alzyod
13 hoursevas - csd and wl csd - fix alpha zeroing to avoid framespace junkCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
17 hourscanvas vg: fix dangling vector containers.Hermet Park
42 hoursevas image: reload after alpha_setShinwoo Kim
5 daysevas_vg_container: return NULL in evas_vg_container_add when the parent of co...Taehyub Kim
8 daysevas: do not call evas_object_change in reneder_postShinwoo Kim
12 daysevas_vg_shape: return NULL in evas_vg_shape_add when the parent of shape is NULLTaehyub Kim
14 daysRevert "canvas render: don't apply mask if the objects in the map."Hermet Park
2020-05-12evas: resolve float compare warningsMike Blumenkrantz
2020-05-12Efl.Canvas.Object.Animation: Prevent crash when called .animation_pause_set.JunsuChoi
2020-05-12evas_object_textblock: reduce layout calculationsAli Alzyod
2020-05-12evas_object_textblock: fix to free style properly by edje's style_user_popWooHyun Jung
2020-05-12evas_vg_node: deprecate evas_vg_node_geometry_set.JunsuChoi
2020-05-12efl_canvas_vg_node: fix the implemenation function of the efl_canvas_vg_node(...Taehyub Kim
2020-05-10canvas render: don't apply mask if the objects in the map.Hermet Park
2020-05-09evas + gl - fix callback-to-app-changes-state issue with pixel dataCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-05-09evas/events: fix conditional for emitting source mouse move eventsMike Blumenkrantz
2020-05-08doxygen docs: Fix problems in Evas_CanvasXavi Artigas
2020-05-07Use __func__ C99 identifier instead of __FUNCTION__ compiler extensionVincent Torri
2020-05-06evas_textblock: clear paragraphs during markup_setAli Alzyod
2020-05-04evas_textblock: optimize calculate main format once in layout setup stageAli Alzyod
2020-04-28canvas clip: replace hash to cached array.Hermet Park
2020-04-27doxygen docs: Put Evas_Canvas legacy methods in the right groupXavi Artigas
2020-04-24canvas layer: +prevent null layer objects.Hermet Park
2020-04-24canvas layer: find the top item for only valids.Hermet Park
2020-04-22EFl_Canvas_Text: add typedef for backward compatibility in legacy headersAli
2020-04-21evas: remove dead struct definitionMarcel Hollerbach
2020-04-21evas_object_textblock: add null check for return of eina_inlist_removeWooHyun Jung
2020-04-20doxygen docs: Fix all invalid @param namesXavi Artigas
2020-04-19remove unused imports in eo/eot filesDaniel Kolesa
2020-04-18evas_textgrid: update text props to use current script fontAli
2020-04-18evas render - flush, dont clear unref/clean arrays on render doneCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-04-17evas_textblock: prevent segfault if there are no styleAli
2020-04-16evas_textblock : fix text insertion & selection with ps in single lineAli
2020-04-16Revert "evas: text_cursor: check return value and print error"Stefan Schmidt
2020-04-16evas_common_font: prevent leaking RGBA_FontAli
2020-04-16evas: text_cursor: check return value and print errorAli
2020-04-14doxygen docs: Proper usage of @ingroup and @addtogroupXavi Artigas
2020-04-14Fix namespace clashes for Efl.Text.CursorXavi Artigas
2020-04-14efl_text_formatter: rename from Efl.Text.Formatter to Efl.Text_FormatterMarcel Hollerbach
2020-04-14Efl.Canvas.Vg.Container: Prevent duplicate transpacency calculation.JunsuChoi
2020-04-14evas_main: add null check for safetyWooHyun Jung
2020-04-13evas text: fix memory leak.Hermet Park
2020-04-07evas: prepare for cur beeing NULLMarcel Hollerbach
2020-04-03evas/text: remove paragraph_direction inherit during renderMike Blumenkrantz
2020-03-30canvas vg: null initialization for safety.Hermet Park
2020-03-26evas_textblock: prevent updating cursor unless they are ready during markup_setAli
2020-03-25evas: free font lists correctlyMarcel Hollerbach
2020-03-25evas/render: minor cleanups for norender functionsMike Blumenkrantz
2020-03-25canvas 3d: remove all canvas3d features across efl.Hermet Park