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2019-11-20remove efl_canvas_animation_playerMarcel Hollerbach
this now all migrated to Efl.Canvas.Object.Animation Reviewed-by: Cedric BAIL <> Differential Revision:
2019-10-11efl_canvas_animation_player: fix double freeMarcel Hollerbach
Summary: when we are returning 0 in a animation callback, the animator will be deleted. This fixes a crash in tab_pager. Depends on D10306 Reviewers: segfaultxavi Reviewed By: segfaultxavi Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2019-09-24efl/player: progress -> playback_progressMike Blumenkrantz
no functional changes ref T7877 Reviewed-by: Cedric BAIL <> Differential Revision:
2019-09-24efl/player: play_speed -> playback_speedMike Blumenkrantz
no functional changes ref T7877 Reviewed-by: Cedric BAIL <> Differential Revision:
2019-09-24efl/player: rename 'play' property to 'pause'Mike Blumenkrantz
this is a bit of an overhaul wherein the existing 'play' mechanics are all inverted. 'pause' is a state which stops playback but does not affect the playback_position property. this patch also includes implementations of Efl.Player::playing for a couple classes which (now) only implement pause, as this is a requirement for the objects to actually activate their animations test cases: * unit tests * all elm_test animation cases * elm_test video * rage Reviewed-by: Cedric BAIL <> Differential Revision:
2019-09-24efl/player: merge start+stop methods into 'playing' propertyMike Blumenkrantz
this has some overlap with the existing 'play' property which will soon be renamed. the intent here is that there is a property for controlling the 'playing' state and then another property for managing 'pausing' the play state ref T7877 Reviewed-by: Cedric BAIL <> Differential Revision:
2019-09-24efl/player: pos -> playback_positionMike Blumenkrantz
ref T7877 Reviewed-by: Cedric BAIL <> Differential Revision:
2019-09-24efl/player: prune properties duplicated in efl.playableMike Blumenkrantz
efl.playable implements a number of properties which are also present in efl.player. playable was intended to be separate, so enforce this split in all classes which use player ref T7877 Reviewed-by: Cedric BAIL <> Differential Revision:
2019-09-02efl_canvas_animation_player: delete previous target event callbackYeongjong Lee
Summary: When target is changed, its event callback related `animation_player` should be deleted. Reviewers: Jaehyun_Cho Reviewed By: Jaehyun_Cho Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2019-06-04efl_canvas_animation: fix final_state_keep logicJaehyun Cho
Previously, final_state_keep did not work correctly with animation repeat. e.g. repeat mode is restart and repeat count is 1, then final_state_keep did not work. Now, final_state_keep logic has been fixed to work correctly.
2019-06-04efl_canvas_animation: fix numerical error on map effect calculationJaehyun Cho
Previously, for a single canvas animation, map effect was applied in animator callback without resetting previously applied map effect. This increased numerical error because each time map effect factors (e.g. scale, degree) should be calculated based on the current map coordinates. To resolve this numerical error, now the previously applied map effect is reset before applying the current map effect in animator callback.
2019-05-12efl_canvas_animation: reply on the correct APIMarcel Hollerbach
the animation itself does not implement the player interface, and nothing forces it to do so. Additionally, we should ask the reference object for the current progress. Not the animation object. This fixes pos_set / pos_get. Reviewed-by: Mike Blumenkrantz <> Differential Revision:
2019-04-24efl_canvas_animation_player: fix to apply animation when player startsJaehyun Cho
Previously, animation was not applied immediately when player starts animation because elapsed time is 0. This caused flickering object if animation begins with alpha 0 because the alpha 0 animation is not applied immediately. Now, animation is applied immediately when player start animation.
2019-02-21Rename Efl.Gfx.Map -> Efl.Gfx.MappingXavi Artigas
Summary: For clarity, since there are all kinds of maps, including a navigation map widget. Also, corrected some misspellings. Test Plan: make && make check && make examples all work Reviewers: cedric, zmike, bu5hm4n Reviewed By: cedric Subscribers: Jaehyun_Cho, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Maniphest Tasks: T7564 Differential Revision:
2018-09-18efl_canvas_animation_player: Convert to new animatorsDerek Foreman
Summary: Use more efficient animator mechanism. Depends on D7050 Reviewers: devilhorns Reviewed By: devilhorns Subscribers: cedric, #reviewers, #committers Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2018-04-17eolian gen: enable constness generation on property getter implsDaniel Kolesa
This changes a lot of things all across the EFL. Previously, methods tagged @const had both their external prototype and internal impl generated with const on object, while property getters only had const on the external API. This is now changed and it all has const everywhere. Ref T6859.
2018-04-10efl_canvas_animation_player: Reset map after animation is finishedJaehyun Cho
Previously, beginning state of animation is applied after animation is finished if final_state_keep_get() is false. Now, map is reset (no animation is applied) after animation is finished if final_state_keep_get() is false.
2018-04-10efl_canvas_animation_player: Change Running_Event_Info to Event_RunningJaehyun Cho
To synchronize other types of event info, Efl_Canvas_Animation_Player_Running_Event_Info is changed to Efl_Canvas_Animation_Player_Event_Running. Remove unused struct.
2018-02-21Efl.Animator: rename to Efl.Canvas.AnimatorMike Blumenkrantz
most C api remains unchanged ref T6714 ref T6716
2018-02-15efl: rename player.position property -> player.posMike Blumenkrantz
position conflicts with gfx.position; this could maybe be named better?
2018-01-17efl_animation: fix typoYeongJong Lee
Test Plan: make Reviewers: Jaehyun_Cho Subscribers: cedric, jpeg Differential Revision:
2018-01-16efl_playable: split Efl.Player interface to Efl.Playable interfaceSungtaek Hong
Summary: Efl.Player interface simply provides play functions, but another interface which indicates Efl.Player will play is also needed. Test Plan: Run elementary_test->Efl.Animation tests Reviewers: woohyun, conr2d, Jaehyun_Cho, jpeg, cedric Differential Revision: