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* eo debug name: Use strbuf instead of slstrJean-Philippe Andre2017-08-041-1/+1
* evas/edje/elm: Override debug_name in core classesJean-Philippe Andre2017-08-041-0/+1
* evas/elm: Make group_add/group_del internal functionsJean-Philippe Andre2017-05-191-8/+0
* group: Track calls to group_delJean-Philippe Andre2017-02-151-0/+1
* evas: use new property impl syntaxDaniel Kolesa2016-12-271-3/+2
* docs: evas_canvas: fill gaps in evas canvas eo file documentationStefan Schmidt2016-11-151-3/+3
* evas: Use proper type in smart objects API (eo)Jean-Philippe Andre2016-10-131-1/+1
* evas: Mark group_add/del as internalJean-Philippe Andre2016-10-121-16/+10
* evas/elm: Remove function group_resizeJean-Philippe Andre2016-10-121-8/+0
* evas/elm: Remove function group_moveJean-Philippe Andre2016-10-121-8/+0
* evas: Move move_children_relative to legacy onlyJean-Philippe Andre2016-10-121-15/+0
* evas/elm: Remove group_show and group_hideJean-Philippe Andre2016-10-121-8/+0
* evas: Move clip_unset to legacy, remove group_clipJean-Philippe Andre2016-10-121-13/+0
* evas: Remove method group_color_setJean-Philippe Andre2016-10-121-12/+0
* group: Replace group_no_render by object no_renderJean-Philippe Andre2016-10-121-5/+1
* Change the EFL to follow the new Eo rename.Tom Hacohen2016-08-111-2/+2
* evas: Rename Evas.Object to Efl.Canvas.ObjectJean-Philippe Andre2016-06-211-6/+6
* Evas: Rename smart object into Efl.Canvas.GroupJean-Philippe Andre2016-06-171-0/+190