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2016-08-26efl: Rename Efl.Event.XX to Efl.Input.XXJean-Philippe Andre
This removes: Efl.Event interface And renames: Efl.Event.Input -> Efl.Input.Event Efl.Event -> Efl.Input.Event (merged) Efl.Event.Pointer -> Efl.Input.Pointer Efl.Event.Key -> Efl.Input.Key Efl.Event.Hold -> Efl.Input.Hold This also moves some interfaces from efl/ to evas/ where they belong better. This allows renaming Eo_Event to Efl_Event.
2016-08-26evas events: Rename properties and introduce generic valueJean-Philippe Andre
This paves the way to a merge of pointer and axis events into the class Efl.Event.Pointer.
2016-08-16evas: Fix ordering of input eventJean-Philippe Andre
The previous patch 1185c40e508ca2ecc4c5e86b shows how having two event types for the same thing (key or mouse input events) was a bad idea. The only guaranteed order of callbacks is the priority but even that was not enforced (since legacy or eo style event had to come first). Fixes T4310
2016-08-11Change the EFL to follow the new Eo rename.Tom Hacohen
2016-07-19efl: Add support for efl_event_flags() to hold eventsJean-Philippe Andre
This fixes the following ERR message: ERR<30400>:eo /home/jpeg/e/core/efl/src/lib/eo/eo.c:462 _eo_call_resolve() in ../src/lib/evas/canvas/efl_event_input.eo.c:3: func 'efl_event_flags_get' (1483) could not be resolved for class 'Efl_Event_Hold'. This is an EO-API only fix.
2016-06-10Efl: Rename event flags to processed and scrollingJean-Philippe Andre
From on_hold and on_scroll
2016-06-03elm_win: Forward events between window and evasJean-Philippe Andre
This does: 1. Forward keyboard events from evas to win 2. Allow feeding external input events Input events can be faked by apps by simply forging eo objects of the proper type (key or pointer evt) and calling eo_event_callback_call(). Such events will be forwarded to the internal Evas, and some bool flags prevent infinite refeeding loops. efl_event_dup() returns fake events for this to work. @feature
2016-06-02eolian: utilize the new void_ptr builtin across eo filesDaniel Kolesa
This lets me narrow down the remaining cases of pointers across the EFL. The void pointers will later need to be reevaluated on per-case basis and replaced appropriately where possible/feasible.
2016-06-02Evas: Add storage class for Key eventsJean-Philippe Andre
This is for key up/down events' info.
2016-05-31Efl: Rename Efl.Pointer.Event into Efl.Event.PointerJean-Philippe Andre
Also renames two types: Efl.Pointer.Flags and Efl.Event.Flags