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2015-10-02Evas GL: Add new API to get current Evas GLJean-Philippe Andre
2015-07-17Evas GL: Fix sync, wlbuffer and image egl ext functionsJean-Philippe Andre
2015-07-16Evas GL: Fix internal function pointerJean-Philippe Andre
2015-06-03Evas GL: support surfaceless make currentDongyeon Kim
2015-03-16Evas GL: Add support for Evas GL 3.0mythri.venugopal
2014-10-27Evas GL: string_query returns a const char *Jean-Philippe Andre
2014-10-22Evas GL: Fix unused variableJean-Philippe Andre
2014-10-20Evas GL: Add support for OpenGL-ES 1.1 (part 1)Jean-Philippe Andre
2014-10-20Evas GL: Fix compilation for EGL/GLESJean-Philippe Andre
2014-10-20Evas GL: Add support for pbuffer surfacesJean-Philippe Andre
2014-10-20Evas GL: Add evas_gl_surface_queryJean-Philippe Andre
2014-10-20Evas GL: Return safe empty string "" instead of NULLJean-Philippe Andre
2014-10-20Evas GL: Add API evas_gl_rotation_getJean-Philippe Andre
2014-10-20Evas GL: Fix runtime linking issuesJean-Philippe Andre
2014-10-20Evas GL: Add safety checks for missing functionsJean-Philippe Andre
2014-10-20Evas GL: Add APIs to get current surface/contextJean-Philippe Andre
2014-10-20Evas GL: Add API evas_gl_error_get()Jean-Philippe Andre
2014-10-20Evas GL: Add some thread safetyJean-Philippe Andre
2014-06-30Evas canvas eolian: Fix namespace and class name for the evas canvas.Tom Hacohen
2014-05-07do not use EINA_FALSE instead of NULLJérémy Zurcher
2013-06-20evas: Keep sane name for public headerSebastian Dransfeld
2013-05-02revert the revert... damn you git!Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-05-02Revert "Efl: replace eo_data_get for objects data referencing."Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-05-01Efl: replace eo_data_get for objects data referencing.Daniel Zaoui
2012-11-04merge: and now EvasVincent Torri
2012-10-09eo: changes made for the support of the Eo conceptDaniel Zaoui
2012-06-27EvasGL: Fixed a few minor bugs.Sung Park
2012-05-03Cleaned up some evas_gl code and added surface cap feature.Sung Park
2012-05-02Revert "Cleaned up some evas_gl code and added surface cap feature."Tom Hacohen
2012-05-02Cleaned up some evas_gl code and added surface cap feature.Sung Park
2012-01-12Added new Evas GL api called evas_gl_config_new/free()Sung Park
2011-12-31evas: Avoid crash when there's no GL implementationMike McCormack
2011-10-18From: "Sung W. Park" <>Sung W. Park
2011-06-16evas/evas_gl - fixed to release magic field and it's data type ChunEon Park
2011-06-07evas/evas_gl - removed white spaces / fixed identation ChunEon Park
2011-05-02From: "Sung W. Park" <>Sung W. Park
2011-04-08doxy move to header.Carsten Haitzler
2011-04-04API add: From <> - sungwooCarsten Haitzler