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* evas: properly fix unref of ector renderer.Cedric BAIL2015-08-201-0/+1
* evas vg: Eolian doc conversion of vg.Srivardhan Hebbar2015-07-231-6/+5
* eolian: new syntax for params/values/keysDaniel Kolesa2015-05-181-1/+1
* eolian: change all EFL .eo files to use new syntax for propertiesDaniel Kolesa2015-05-071-2/+2
* evas: removing the ability to load file in Evas_Object_VG for now.Cedric BAIL2015-04-031-5/+1
* evas: move Evas.VG_* to Efl.VG.*Cedric BAIL2015-04-031-1/+1
* evas: ref/unref root node while it's being used by vg object.ChunEon Park2015-04-031-1/+2
* evas: add documentation for Evas_Object_Vg class.Subhransu Sekhar Mohanty2015-04-031-6/+14
* evas: move Evas.VG to use Efl.Gfx.View.Cedric BAIL2015-04-031-21/+3
* evas: move Evas.VG to use Efl.Gfx.Fill.Cedric BAIL2015-04-031-52/+4
* evas: use the new Efl_File mmap function correctly for Evas_VG API.Cedric BAIL2015-04-031-30/+2
* evas: add fill and size definition for a VG scene graph.Cedric BAIL2015-04-031-0/+57
* evas: add file manipulation API to Evas_Object_VG.Cedric BAIL2015-04-031-0/+30
* evas: fix Evas_VG eo files.Cedric BAIL2015-04-031-0/+13
* evas: add Efl.File interface to Evas_Object_VG.Cedric BAIL2015-04-031-1/+3
* evas: add initial Evas_Object_VG.Cedric BAIL2015-04-031-0/+17