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2020-06-09evas_vg_cache: Don't caching vg file if value_provider is applied.JunsuChoi
2020-05-12evas: resolve float compare warningsMike Blumenkrantz
2020-04-29canvas vg: Correct order of data free.Hermet Park
2020-01-28canvas vector: fix incorrect caching hit.Hermet Park
2020-01-17canvas vector: fix to refresh svg file of vector object.Hermet Park
2019-12-24evas_vg_cache: Prevent memory leakJunsuChoi
2019-12-18evas vg: fix memory leak.Hermet Park
2019-12-13evas vg: revise buffer caching method.Hermet Park
2019-11-29vector cache: skip animation update as possible.Hermet Park
2019-11-29evas vector: operate cached vector file data per evas instances.Hermet Park
2019-11-28evas vector: make it stable caching logic.Hermet Park
2019-11-18evas vg: improve caching methods for better precise behaviors.Hermet Park
2019-11-12evas_cache_vg : Implements sector_get/set internal APIsJunsuChoi
2019-10-08evas_vg_cache: Hashkey of cache use value provider listJunsuChoi
2019-09-10evas_vg_cache: Hashkey in cache uses evasJunsuChoi
2019-06-21evas vector: support lottie animation as using json loader.Hermet Park
2019-03-12evas vg: replace to eina_file instance caching by vg.Hermet Park
2019-03-04efl.gfx: remove Efl.Gfx.Image_Load_ErrorMike Blumenkrantz
2019-02-27efl.file_save: rework save flagsMike Blumenkrantz
2019-02-21evas vg: fix correct increment for tflagsYeongjong Lee
2019-02-21evas vg: use strncpy() instead of strcpy() for better security.Hermet Park
2018-12-07evas vg: revise basic vg cache logic.Hermet Park
2018-12-07evas vg: code refactoring.Hermet Park
2018-12-07evas vg: code refactoring.Hermet Park
2018-11-21evas vg: Check for OOM in evas_cache_vg_entry_createBryce Harrington
2018-10-02here comes mesonMarcel Hollerbach
2018-07-11canvas vg: check expcetional case.Hermet Park
2018-06-11evas vg: fix wrong obj deletion.Hermet Park
2018-06-11evas vg: fix broken vg rendering.Hermet Park
2018-02-21efl_vg: namespace movesMike Blumenkrantz
2017-12-11interface: rename Efl.Dup to Efl.Duplicate.Amitesh Singh
2017-11-30efl: Introduce interface Efl.DupJean-Philippe Andre
2017-11-08evas/vg: changed the efl_vg_dup api signature.subhransu mohanty
2017-11-07vg_savers/svg: empty (for now) module that will save svg in original fileVitalii Vorobiov
2017-11-07evas_vg_cache: load svg from any file, not from defined onlyVitalii Vorobiov
2017-10-27evas vg: Add FIXME and fix strbuf useJean-Philippe Andre
2017-10-27evas/vg: Added vg tree caching supportsubhransu mohanty