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* Unreachable codeabdulleh Ghujeh2019-04-151-4/+2
* optimize glyph images data copy into 4 byte aligned imagesAli Alzyod2019-01-101-12/+14
* evas: Add scale feature for embedded bitmap fonts.Youngbok Shin2017-09-261-17/+17
* evas filters: Implement mask filter in pure GLJean-Philippe Andre2017-04-141-5/+7
* evas: clean up GL images for emojis when GL context is free'dYoungbok Shin2017-03-081-0/+41
* Evas masking: Ensure texture is up-to-date before drawing (GL)Jean-Philippe Andre2015-04-011-9/+14
* Evas GL generic: Simplify "scaled" images (used for masking)Jean-Philippe Andre2015-04-011-13/+5
* Evas masking: Refactor GL codeJean-Philippe Andre2015-04-011-27/+5
* Evas masking: Add fast path for image-only masks in GL.Jean-Philippe Andre2015-02-271-35/+44
* evas: do not compute things twice.Cedric BAIL2015-01-211-4/+4
* Evas masking: Fix invalid geometry after mask redrawJean-Philippe Andre2015-01-071-1/+1
* Evas masking: Add support for BGRA/ARGB maskingJean-Philippe Andre2015-01-071-27/+31
* Evas masking: Font masking for GLJean-Philippe Andre2015-01-071-0/+37
* evas gl - fixz minor leak on exit of rectanglesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2014-08-071-4/+4
* evas - fonts - move to using 4bit and rel 4 bit compressed font glyphsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2014-01-131-63/+19
* evas gl: cover some more cannot-allocate-texture cases.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2013-07-151-0/+1
* evas: preliminary work on texture destruction for async preload of texture.Cedric Bail2013-06-141-1/+1
* merge: and now EvasVincent Torri2012-11-041-0/+205