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* Evas masking: Ensure texture is up-to-date before drawing (GL)Jean-Philippe Andre2015-04-011-0/+1
* Evas masking: Implement line masking in GLJean-Philippe Andre2015-04-011-0/+21
* evas/gl - fix the line incorrect position in arm.ChunEon Park2012-12-151-8/+42
* evas/gl - actually, this is correct.ChunEon Park2012-12-121-13/+6
* evas - fix the gl line inccorect position problem.ChunEon Park2012-12-121-18/+11
* Added EVAS_GL_LINE_NO_OFFSET_HACK evn var control to handleSung Park2012-12-071-11/+23
* merge: and now EvasVincent Torri2012-11-041-0/+48