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2018-01-26wayland_shm: remove dirty bit entirelyDerek Foreman
2018-01-19wayland_shm: Clean up duplicate prototypesDerek Foreman
2017-12-01ecore_wl2 wayland_shm: Move surface functions into ecore_wl2Derek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Rename all the evas_dmabuf functionsDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: No longer include dmabuf header in engine.hDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: move surface structure to evas_dmabuf.cDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Wrap function pointers for surfaceDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Remove struct _Dmabuf_SurfaceDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Stop using outbuf and engine info in surface codeDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Pass alpha to surface_createDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: pass the ecore_wl2_window to surface createDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Remove Shm_SurfaceDerek Foreman
2017-12-01wayland_shm: Move surface create into dmabuf codeDerek Foreman
2017-11-17wayland_shm: Don't use a fixed number of buffersDerek Foreman
2017-11-15wayland_shm/ecore_wl2: Move buffer allocation into ecore_wl2Derek Foreman
2017-11-15wayland_shm: rename Surface_Type to Ecore_Wl2_Buffer_TypeDerek Foreman
2017-11-15wayland_shm: Remove surface_type from surfaceDerek Foreman
2017-11-15wayland_shm: Rename types and functionsDerek Foreman
2017-11-10wayland_shm: Remove surface damage functionDerek Foreman
2017-11-08wayland_shm: Remove useless functionDerek Foreman
2017-11-06evas-wayland-shm: Remove need for useless free_region functionChris Michael
2017-10-12wayland_shm: Remove hidden from the outbufDerek Foreman
2017-10-12wayland_shm: Remove hidden from surface posting callsDerek Foreman
2017-10-12wayland_shm: Remove surface_set functionDerek Foreman
2017-10-12wayland_shm: Add Outbuf to Surface structDerek Foreman
2017-10-12wayland_shm: Store the ecore_wl2_display in the OutbufDerek Foreman
2017-08-25evas: Render_Engine_Swap_Mode is actually about output swap.Cedric BAIL
2017-08-18wayland_shm: Remove direct access to wl_surfaceDerek Foreman
2017-01-05wayland_shm: Add a way to update the stored wayland objectsDerek Foreman
2017-01-05wayland_shm: Add a force flag to surface reconfigureDerek Foreman
2016-12-06evas-wayland-shm: Don't destroy Outbuf on resizeChris Michael
2016-12-02evas-wayland-shm: Fix issue of destroying & recreating wl_surfaces on hideChris Michael
2016-11-02wayland evas engines: share engine info structureDerek Foreman
2016-10-28evas-wayland-shm: Fix formattingChris Michael
2016-10-26evas-wayland-shm: Get page flips out of the render threadChris Michael
2016-10-19evas_engines: Send both surface and buffer damage to outbuf_flush callbackDerek Foreman
2016-10-19Revert "wayland_shm: Add swap mode fallback when buffer age changes"Derek Foreman
2016-10-18wayland_shm: Add swap mode fallback when buffer age changesJean-Philippe Andre
2016-04-19wayland_shm: Add dmabuf supportDerek Foreman
2016-04-19wayland_shm: Refactor surface creationDerek Foreman
2016-04-19wayland_shm: pass engine info to shm_surface_createDerek Foreman
2016-04-19wayland_shm: Pull the damage stuff out of evas_shmDerek Foreman
2016-04-19wayland_shm: Don't pass num_buff to reconfigureDerek Foreman
2016-04-19wayland_shm: Pass Evas_Engine_Info_Wayland_Shm directly to setup functionsDerek Foreman
2016-04-19wayland_shm: Add dmabuf to engine infoDerek Foreman
2016-04-19wayland_shm: Abstract the actual shm operationsDerek Foreman
2016-04-19wayland_shm: Remove unused dx, dy params from resize functionsDerek Foreman
2016-04-19wayland_shm: Make new Surface abstraction to wrap Shm_SurfaceDerek Foreman
2016-04-19wayland_shm: Move Shm private structures into evas_shmDerek Foreman
2016-04-19wayland_shm: Remove flagsDerek Foreman