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* efl - jp2k loader - guard against openjpeg bug tha causes an abortCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2015-08-241-9/+15
* Evas/psd: Remove commented-out debug codeJean-Philippe Andre2015-07-231-11/+0
* evas: get rid of clobbered warning.Cedric BAIL2015-04-251-4/+6
* Evas DDS: Fix clang warningJean-Philippe Andre2015-04-211-1/+1
* evas: restore the value of "do_region" in jpeg loader as EINA_TRUEJaeun Choi2015-04-171-1/+1
* evas: use emile to decompress JPEG files.Cedric BAIL2015-03-171-1403/+58
* evas: simplify structure.Cedric BAIL2015-03-171-15/+0
* emile: remove use of custom structure and prefer Eina_Rectangle.Cedric BAIL2015-03-171-64/+54
* evas: use Emile to decode TGV.Cedric BAIL2015-03-171-452/+24
* evas-image-loaders: Fix compiler warning of comparison between signedChris Michael2015-01-271-1/+1
* evas: fix signed/unsigned warning.Cedric BAIL2015-01-261-1/+1
* evas: fix to load BMP file compressed with RLE.jiin.moon2015-01-261-1/+5
* evas: preparation of places for model_saver_loader separated from image_saver...Bogdan Devichev2014-12-2319-0/+11273