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2014-12-22Evas masking: Add rectangle masking for GLJean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-22Evas masking: Simplify and fix vertex logic in GLJean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-22Evas masking: Use new texm sampler instead of texaJean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-22Evas masking: Add support for YUV, YUY2, NV12 masking in GLJean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-22Evas masking: Add support for BGRA/ARGB maskingJean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-22Evas masking: Font masking for GLJean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-22Evas masking: Implement image masking for GL enginesJean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-22Evas masking: Implement support for map draw (SW)Jaeun Choi
2014-12-22Evas masking: Implement support for polygon draw (SW)Jaeun Choi
2014-12-22Evas masking: Implement support for line draw (SW)Jaeun Choi
2014-12-22Evas masking: Add clip_image_[un]set functions to draw contextJean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-22Evas masking: Use alpha mask in SW engine draw functionsJaeun Choi
2014-12-22Evas GL: Try harder to find a matching config for GLESv1Jean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-22evas: fix memory leak in evas_swapper.kabeer khan
2014-12-19Evas GL: Fix list of GLES 1.1 extensionsJean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-19Evas GL: Add a warning in gl_x11 about MSAA & RGBA for GLES1Jean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-17evas - generic loaders - fix possible string overflow on decodersJaehyun Cho
2014-12-17evas/tgv: Added DSSIM metric in evas_image_save_tgvkabeer khan
2014-12-10evas-gl-common: Fix issue with Coverity reporting null dereferencesChris Michael
2014-12-10modules/tgv: Switch from obsolete LZ4_uncompress function to LZ4_decompress_fastStefan Schmidt
2014-12-10Evas GL: Fix direct rendering with client-side rotationJean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-09evas_xcb_outbuf: fix memory leakkabeer khan
2014-12-09Evas GL: Fix scissors with direct renderingJean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-09Evas GL: Fix current FBO after make_current(0, 0)Jean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-08evas/gl_drm: Fix warningGwanglim Lee
2014-12-04evas/gl_drm: add native surface for wayland_egl_client.Mun, Gwan-gyeong
2014-12-04evas - gif loader - fix technically "wrong" sizeof (doesnt cause a bug)Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-12-03Evas: Evas_3D - Add check of visibilty node.Dmytro Dadyka
2014-12-03evas: Evas_3D - fix typo.perepelits.m
2014-12-03Evas GL: Add preventive padding after Evas_GL_APIJean-Philippe Andre
2014-12-03evas-gl-drm: remove initalizing gbm on engine setupMinJeong Kim
2014-12-02Evas GL: Add support for bind_wayland_display extensionGwanglim Lee
2014-12-01evas-gl: Fix evas-gl to compile for EGLChris Michael
2014-12-01evas-gl: Fix improper #ifdef checkChris Michael
2014-12-01evas: Evas_3D - add mesh blending mode.Dmytro Dadyka
2014-12-01evas: Evas_3D - fix depth texture size.Dmytro Dadyka
2014-11-29evas - gl - fix warning for unused var in glx buildCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-11-28Evas GL: Use strncat and strncpy for safetyJean-Philippe Andre
2014-11-27Evas: Fix shader gen script for UbuntuJean-Philippe Andre
2014-11-27Evas GL: Fix up some more desktop GL extensionsJean-Philippe Andre
2014-11-27Evas GL: Also add read bgra for desktop GLJean-Philippe Andre
2014-11-27Evas GL: Advertise support for npot on desktopJean-Philippe Andre
2014-11-27Evas GL: Always support BGRA8888 on desktop GLJean-Philippe Andre
2014-11-27Evas GL: Also return fake GLSL version stringJean-Philippe Andre
2014-11-27Evas GL: Always return "OpenGL ES 2.0" as versionJean-Philippe Andre
2014-11-27Evas GL: Print GLSL version with EVAS_GL_INFOJean-Philippe Andre
2014-11-27Evas GL: Return supported extensions list in glGetString()Jean-Philippe Andre
2014-11-27Evas GL: Return current framebuffer based on ctx informationJean-Philippe Andre
2014-11-27Evas GL: Remove useless fieldJean-Philippe Andre
2014-11-27Evas GL: Remove unnecessary checkJean-Philippe ANDRE