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2013-11-04ecore/wayland: Use eina_inlist instead of wl_list for globals.Rafael Antognolli
Since we are allocating this list and returning it, let's make it more EFL-like.
2013-11-04evas/x11: Fix Xlib swapper buffer sizeJean-Philippe Andre
Problem: Software engine fails to render on Tizen device.
2013-11-01ecore/wayland: Add ecore_wl_window_keyboard_get().Rafael Antognolli
Instead of use direct access to the Ecore_Wl_Window structure, just use the getter, so we can hide the internals.
2013-11-01ecore/wayland: Set win->resizing flag inside ecore_wl_resize().Rafael Antognolli
2013-11-01ecore/wayland: Set win->moving from inside ecore_wayland.Rafael Antognolli
We can set it from the ecore_wl_window_move() function, instead of directly changing the attribute.
2013-11-01ecore(_evas)/wayland: Move frame callback to engine data.Rafael Antognolli
It's something specific to the ecore_evas engine/module, so there's no need to keep this info in the Ecore_Wl_Window.
2013-11-01ecore/wayland: Add title_set and class_name_set APIs.Rafael Antognolli
These two APIs will save the title and class_name inside Ecore_Wl_Window, so if they are called before the shell surface is created, the stored names will be used later when the window is finally shown (shell surface is created). This way we are also hiding the shell surface from ecore_evas modules.
2013-11-01ecore_evas/wayland: Do not update opaque region to the same value.Rafael Antognolli
This should not be necessary, since it's setting exactly the same current opaque region. Changing the opaque region might be needed, but not here.
2013-11-01ecore/wayland: Remove attributes that are not used anymore.Rafael Antognolli
Some attributes might have been useful in the past, but not anymore. Just remove since they are not been used anywhere.
2013-11-01Fix compiler warning: Need to define _state_update function early asChris Michael
it is used in various places later. Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-10-31ecore/wayland: Do not store "edges" in Ecore_Wl_Window.Rafael Antognolli
This is a configure event info, so put it in the right place. Some places adding edges info were also removed, which means that they were redundant. Tested with <Meta> + middle click resize, and with window border resize, on all the edges. Apparently, nothing breaks.
2013-10-31ecore/wayland: Do not use win->id directly.Rafael Antognolli
Use a getter for it instead, so we don't need to expose the Ecore_Wl_Window struct just because of it.
2013-10-31ecore/wayland: Make Ecore_Wl_Input private.Rafael Antognolli
It's mostly only used inside ecore_wayland library anyway. The only bit needed outside of the library is the "seat" pointer, but a new function was added to retrieve such pointer from Ecore_Wl_Input.
2013-10-31ecore/wayland: Hide Ecore_Wl_Display.Rafael Antognolli
This struct is only used inside ecore_wayland itself, so there's no real reason to expose it. Apparently, hiding it doesn't break anything, except for the ecore_imf wayland module, which was easily fixed. If anyone notices a breakage, please let me know.
2013-10-31Ok, This actually fixes maximized state properly now :) Basically, weChris Michael
still need to account for frame height, but not frame width when we are maximizing. Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-10-31Fix ecore_evas_wayland maximized support to function properlyChris Michael
Previously, a "maximize" of an efl client would not actually resize to the provided size as it would account for framespace width & height. This fixes that so now "maximize" is Actually maximized. Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-10-31Implement ability to call the ecore_evas state_change function ifChris Michael
needed. NB: Currently, this will only work for fullscreen or maximized states as other ones like sticky, withdrawn, iconic, etc, etc are not supported via wayland protocol yet. Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-10-31whitespace--Chris Michael
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-10-31Call _ecore_evas_mouse_move_process function on mouse_in and mouse_outChris Michael
events. Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-10-30evas/cserve2: Fix image preload with gl-x11 engineJean-Philippe Andre
Cserves supports only the SW (xlib) and GL (gl-x11) engines. Also, improve cs2 support for some lesser used functions in the gl_x11 engine.
2013-10-30evas - gif loader rewrite (clean up code, document it a lot AND fix bugs)Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
after several days of beating head on desk, i gave up trying to find the exact cause of some gifs not rendering right as animated gifs due to the loader. it had something to do with dispose mode handling and which frame it was applied to. i noticed the structure made it also hard to fix, so this re-structures the entire thing with cleaner code, less code AND more comments, with a limited memory cache (512k) for previous frames per image (to avoid eating up huge memory blobs for big/long animations - though at the expense of cpu), and with some notes for future fixes - like fixing the "load 2 copies of the same animated gif" issue... that's another day. this does fix along with many other things.
2013-10-30EvasGL: cleaning up unnecessary code.Sung W. Park
Cleaning up unnecessary code.
2013-10-29On a focus_in event, if the ecore_evas already has focus, don't resendChris Michael
a focus in. Similar change for focus_out also. Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-10-29If mouse is already inside the ecore_evas, then we don't need to callChris Michael
the mouse_in function of the ecore_evas. Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2013-10-29evas/cserve2: Fix error path in evas_cache2_image_writable()Jean-Philippe Andre
Return NULL and check for nullity in the only calling function. Fixes CID 1039461 (Logically dead code)
2013-10-28ecore/wayland: Use sync callback to report end of ecore_wl_init().Rafael Antognolli
At the end of the ecore_wl_init() function, send a sync request to the server, and add a callback listener to the "done" event. When this event is received, we are sure that all the registry bind requests done so far were processed already, and that the registry and globals are available and can be used. Now, on the functions that request interfaces or registry, we call _ecore_wl_init_wait(), which will check if the callback was received already (that means that all requests inside the init were processed). If it was not yet, then we wait until receiving that callback, before returning the requested data.
2013-10-28Revert "change init done bindings."Rafael Antognolli
This reverts commit b87afd1b943b260c92f8493647b7d9cae327656e. Wrong branch, wrong commit.
2013-10-28change init done bindings.Rafael Antognolli
2013-10-28evas/cserve2: Implement support for GL engineJean-Philippe Andre
Simply call the appropriate cache2 functions when possible and check for usage of cache2 whenever an evas_cache_ function is called. This effectively adds cserve2 image (data) load support for the GL engines. Fonts were already working out-of-the-box.
2013-10-28evas/cserve2: Use scalecache with cserve2Jean-Philippe Andre
Let's reuse the logic from scalecache and call cserve2 functions when the scalecache should be used. So, now, cserve2 server will not scale any image... This is too computationally intensive for the server's main thread. This is not optimal but makes a hell of a lot more sense for the moment. (since cserve2 manages the SHM segments)
2013-10-28evas/cserve2: Fallback to normal cache for animated gifsJean-Philippe Andre
Pass around "animated" flag for images that can be animated. Fallback to local cache if the image is animated. Implementing support for animated images in cserve2 does not seem to make a lot of sense considering each frame must be requested independently in real time,... and to be honest there doesn't seem to be any valid use case anyway :)
2013-10-28evas/cserve2: Fallback to normal cache for mmapJean-Philippe Andre
cserve2 can't handle virtual files (mmap-only), by design. Proper support can be added later on, but for now we might want to just fallback to the normal cache functions. Fixes photocam test
2013-10-24EvasGL: Fixed direct rendering not clipping issueSung W. Park
Evas GL direct rendering mode didn't properly take into account the image object's clipping information and clip the region that it was directly rendering to. Hence there were issues with the direct rendering region drawing over the objects that are sitting on top of it. Also, cleaned up the direct rendering coordinate computation code and a nasty dependency with image object that should have been removed a long time ago. Basically the evas-gl engine was directly accessing the image object data structure for its data when it really should have just passed along necessary information.
2013-10-19ecore-evas - handle mouse out then in due to click-to-focus passive grabsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-10-16cosmetic/logic move evas_sync call into same if block when applying alpha ↵discomfitor
settings that might be deferred
2013-10-17async render -> alpha set. if not visible dont WAIT. do it now.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-10-16evas - gl - dont allocate image and/or texture until needed on native unsetCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-10-15Revert "ecore_evas: window does not go back to normal state if you set ↵Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
iconified to EINA_FALSE." This reverts commit 9bfb730ff57da3d8789f80256abedcbc19e98bfe. wrong! on deiconify this will now FORCE a ACTIVATE request to the wm (which asks the wm to focus the window/hilight it and make it active. might switch desktops or whatever). this is wrong. de-icoifying a windows does NOT mean ALSO activating it!. the log message also doesnt say what "go back to normal state"... means.... do they expect/INSIST windows MUSt be focused after de-iconification? that's wrong as it's a window management FOCUS policy, not something to do in the lib.
2013-10-14Evas: EGL-GL backends. Call eglReleaseThread() upon shutdownSung W. Park
Call proper cleanup code upon terminating egl use.
2013-10-14ecore_evas: window does not go back to normal state if you set iconified to ↵Michal Jagiello
EINA_FALSE. Reviewers: cedric, raster, Hermet Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric Bail <>
2013-10-11Revert "Revert "eina: use Eina_Spinlock for Eina_Chained_Mempool.""Stefan Schmidt
Revert now that it is fixed in eina. This reverts commit 875e7cf74de68d05f6fd28d26ad8bddab7782316.
2013-10-11Revert "Revert "Revert "eina: use Eina_Spinlock for Eina_Chained_Mempool."""Stefan Schmidt
Is there a title for the commiter with the longest revert of a revert list? I screwed this one up. Had other local changes that sneaked in. Resetting and doing it right now. This reverts commit ee155b771ddb8f063105f013c652b65f2ff663c1.
2013-10-11Revert "Revert "eina: use Eina_Spinlock for Eina_Chained_Mempool.""Stefan Schmidt
You can bet on reverting makes people speed up the process in fixing it. Revert the revert here now that Cedric fixed it in eina. This reverts commit 875e7cf74de68d05f6fd28d26ad8bddab7782316.
2013-10-11Revert "eina: use Eina_Spinlock for Eina_Chained_Mempool."Stefan Schmidt
This patch brings in constant E crash for me. It seems to be timing related which somehow leads to a mem corruption. Revert it for now to allow people using E while Cedric looks into it. This reverts commit 12d34309c7c6e3f3041ee576afe93f9ca335059e.
2013-10-11eina - and e3fl in general - stop using eina_error_get/set - useless reallyCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-10-11eina: use Eina_Spinlock for Eina_Chained_Mempool.Cedric Bail
2013-10-01evas - try cleanup pipe_region_intersects again.. this time without bugs.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-10-01evas: add JPEG 2000 loader.Vincent Torri
This add finally support for JPEG 2000, but be aware that libopenjpeg is very badly managed. There is currently only version 1.5.x that does provide the right files, is usable by a third party and portable. You can seriously forget any other version.
2013-09-27Revert "evas gl engine - simplify and optimise pipe region intersection checks."Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
This reverts commit d4861504127c8a2d7375b076c18c22086914e94c.
2013-09-26evas gl engine - simplify and optimise pipe region intersection checks.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)