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* doc generator: show params and return type for functionsDave Andreoli2018-01-041-13/+16
* Pyolian: quite complete documentation for usage and template syntaxDave Andreoli2018-01-031-0/+386
* Pyolian: fix segfault on shutdownDave Andreoli2018-01-023-16/+25
* Pyolian: implement an utility class: NamspaceDave Andreoli2018-01-024-28/+179
* Pyolian: implemented doc tokenizerDave Andreoli2018-01-023-4/+68
* Pyolian: better equality test, new hierarchy prop and some testsDave Andreoli2018-01-013-7/+50
* Pyolian: a fix and some new utilsDave Andreoli2018-01-013-13/+58
* Pyolian generator: also make the classes visible in the template ctxDave Andreoli2018-01-011-11/+20
* pyolian: make the library and the generator importable from another folderDave Andreoli2018-01-013-6/+30
* Pyolian template-based generator.Dave Andreoli2017-12-285-2/+1556
* New python bindings for eolianDave Andreoli2017-12-283-0/+2491