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2016-08-26docs: add an option to disable title plugin usageDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-26docs: let the writer handle title headingsDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-26docs: generate proper title for all pagesDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-26docs: add writer support for pagetitle pluginDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-19docs: generate reference pages for codelinkDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-19docs: generate keyword-link.txt for codelinkDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-19docs: fix invalid links in class reference tableDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-18docs: add include flag verificationDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-18docs: add writer support for include pluginDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-17docs: move all of serializers to doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-17docs: move type serializer into doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-17docs: move type cstr retrieval to doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-16docs: add Type to doctree and remove direct eolian api usagesDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-16docs: reduce the Expression API to just what's necessaryDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-16docs: add Expression node typeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: correctly wrap struct/enum fields in doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: add Typedecl to doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: use the variable getters in all placesDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: add static getters for wrapped variablesDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: initial Variable in doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: no need to include eolian in statsDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: remove the mappings moduleDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: add method to get parameter's direction nameDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: generic namespace generator in NodeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: remove some direct eolian api usagesDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: wrap func params in doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: move all eolian init logic into doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: abstract away directory scanDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: abstract away object scope enumDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: remove some unused funcs in docgenDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-15docs: integrate fallback func doc into FunctionDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-12docs: expose func types via doctree properlyDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-12docs: use more abstracted doctree APIsDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-12docs: fully utilize Function's type_str_getDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-12docs: namespace generator for funcs in doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-12docs: always wrap events from events_getDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-12docs: initial Function in doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-12docs: theme string retrieval for doctree classesDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-12docs: abstract away class types within doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-12docs: get rid of dependency of doctree on mappingsDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-11docs: always generate arrays instead of iterators in ClassDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-11docs: implement nspaces_get for ClassDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-11docs: initial Class in doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-10docs: add Event to new the doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-10docs: unified feature testing in writer apiDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-10docs: disable graph writing from writer api when appropriateDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-10docs: abstracted writing of folded sectionsDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-09docs: add since tag writing into doctreeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-09docs: initial documentation treeDaniel Kolesa
2016-08-04docs: make dark theme default, add switch --graph-theme-lightDaniel Kolesa