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2018-08-20evas textblock: add/apply cursor cluster APIs based on grapheme clusterYoungbok Shin
Summary: Add a feature for moving cursor over a grapheme cluster. It is applied to edje_entry.c and elm_entry.c for improving cursor handling just like other modern text editors. ex) gedit The patch on Evas needs to update libunibreak library. So, the patch will update libunibreak, too. @feature Test Plan: 1. Put "ഹലോ" in your entry. 2. Your cursor can reach at the end of text from the beginning only in 2 right key event with this feature. Reviewers: raster, cedric, jpeg, herdsman, zmike, devilhorns Reviewed By: herdsman, zmike Subscribers: #reviewers, #committers, zmike, bowonryu, woohyun Tags: #efl Differential Revision:
2016-12-06Static deps unibreak: Update to latest version.Tom Hacohen
This version supports Unicode 9.0 and includes many fixes. Reference git hash: fe1ce2e78c19fa2b4b7a92b1864a12b432da6ec6 This version is not yet released, but now is a better time to sync it, and there are no code changes expected, only "admin" work. Main changes: Unicode 9.0 support Many fixes in the lineberaking algorithm to now pass the Unicode reference test data. @feature
2016-08-24Static deps unibreak: Update to latest git version.Tom Hacohen
This version reduces the number of dirty pages used by libunibreak. Reference git hash: ad5a524b0128eec644a8cae52fb75ed1f597c0ee @feature
2015-12-21Static deps unibreak: Update to latest version.Tom Hacohen
This version supports Unicode 8.0 and includes fixes over the previous version. Reference version: 03ae8dd7d6ce6d19a38c1e62c70afc6ad82513bc @feature
2015-05-07Static deps unibreak: update to what will soon be version 3.Tom Hacohen
Version 3 is not yet released, but this is on track to become it. This is based on commit: a815e11f7ebf35b59278f783227a829ee4692760. @feature.
2015-05-07Revert "Static deps: Move unibreak to be an external dep."Tom Hacohen
Apparently the Debian package, while up to date, for some reason does not ship the .pc file (according to q66). According to Stefan, Fedora doesn't even have libunibreak, but only the previous naming and old version. Will have to wait a few years more. :( This reverts commit a2a9f33802a3923c1469789f66d5fdab1eaea943.
2015-05-07Static deps: Move unibreak to be an external dep.Tom Hacohen
We need any version of libunibreak. The first one has been released in mid 2012. Even slow distros like ubuntu already have an LTS out with a good enough version, so I consider this enough to remove the maintenance cost. This has been discussed on IRC. @feature
2014-01-21Synced libunibreak local copy with upstream.Tom Hacohen
This fixes T805.
2013-01-11Efl static_libs: Updated liblinebreak -> libunibreak.Tom Hacohen
SVN revision: 82652