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2013-01-09efl/efreet: add missing include. my bad :-(Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2013-01-08efl/efreet: improve tests, fix bogus warning.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2013-01-08efl/efreet: use proper PACKAGE_DATA_DIR, add DATA_DIR.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2012-12-29efl: merge efreet.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2011-04-12Efreet: Consistent PACKAGE_DATA_DIRSebastian Dransfeld
2011-01-16put again efreet tests in the source treeVincent Torri
2010-12-19and move efreet tests out of src tree too.Carsten Haitzler
2010-08-04FORMATTINGLucas De Marchi
2010-03-01Eet cache for efreet desktopSebastian Dransfeld
2009-02-25 * estickies,Cedric BAIL
2008-05-07- fix the package paths used in the test files. this makes 19/19 tests pass.Dan Sinclair
2007-11-04EAPISebastian Dransfeld
2007-09-06remove trailing spacesdoursse
2007-07-25*API BREAK* see the discussion in the mailing list. misc and e_modules will f...Peter Wehrfritz
2007-04-27This isn't correct.rephorm
2007-04-27- add test case for incorrect menu name. this currently works correctly.Dan Sinclair
2007-03-26Fix memleaks.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-02-07Function to add a new desktop to an existing menu.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-02-06Quick and dirty saving of a Menu.Sebastian Dransfeld
2007-02-03Initial import of efreet, an implementation of the freedesktop icon and menuningerso