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2014-04-09eina-cxx: Modified eina C++ log use syntaxFelipe Magno de Almeida
Summary: Modified syntax for eina C++ log to imitate the macro call as returning a stream. So, instead of: EINA_CXX_DOM_LOG_CRIT(efl::eina::global_domain, "foo " << 5); It is now used as: EINA_CXX_DOM_LOG_CRIT(efl::eina::global_domain) << "foo " << 5; Which more closely resambles using IOStreams in C++. @feature Reviewers: cedric, barbieri, smohanty Reviewed By: barbieri CC: cedric Differential Revision:
2014-03-10eina-cxx: Added eina_log support for C++, using IOStreams syntaxFelipe Magno de Almeida
Summary: Added eina_log support for C++ using the following macros: For logging into a domain: EINA_CXX_DOM_LOG EINA_CXX_DOM_LOG_CRIT EINA_CXX_DOM_LOG_ERR EINA_CXX_DOM_LOG_INFO EINA_CXX_DOM_LOG_DBG EINA_CXX_DOM_LOG_WARN And for logging into the default domain: EINA_CXX_LOG EINA_CXX_LOG_CRIT EINA_CXX_LOG_ERR EINA_CXX_LOG_INFO EINA_CXX_LOG_DBG EINA_CXX_LOG_WARN The usage is simple as can be seen in the tests: efl::eina::log_domain domain("error_domain_name"); domain.set_level(efl::eina::log_level::critical); EINA_CXX_DOM_LOG_CRIT(domain, "something went wrong with the following error: " << error); @feature Reviewers: cedric CC: raster, savio, cedric, sanjeev Differential Revision: