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2019-05-29tests/elm_focus: explicitly set widgets to expand+fill in testMike Blumenkrantz
2019-05-29tests/genlist: fix some shadowed variable warningsMike Blumenkrantz
2019-05-29tests/elm: explicitly denote cases where error messages are intentionalMike Blumenkrantz
2019-05-28efl_ui: add a helper for not tollerating errors in a testsuiteMarcel Hollerbach
2019-05-28efl_ui_suite: fix errors in focus testsMarcel Hollerbach
2019-05-28build: Fix on OpenBSD.Alastair Poole
2019-05-24Rename Efl.Ui.Direction -> Efl.Ui.Layout_OrientationXavi Artigas
2019-05-20Efl.Pack_Table: remove table_directionXavi Artigas
2019-05-15efl_ui_frame: migrate to efl.ui.clickableMarcel Hollerbach
2019-05-14efl_ui_panes: migrate to efl_ui_clickableMarcel Hollerbach
2019-05-14efl_ui_image: migrate to efl.ui.clickableMarcel Hollerbach
2019-05-14efl_test_clickable: introduce new testsMarcel Hollerbach
2019-05-03ui.relative_layout: implement Efl.PackYeongjong Lee
2019-05-03cxx: Fix missing bits from header renameLauro Moura
2019-05-02efl_ui_test_widget: Fix resource leakChristopher Michael
2019-05-02efl_ui_test_widget: Fix resource leakChristopher Michael
2019-05-02efl_ui_test_widget: Fix memory leakChristopher Michael
2019-05-02efl_ui_test_widget: Fix memory leakChristopher Michael
2019-05-02efl_ui_test_widget: Fix memory leakChristopher Michael
2019-05-02elm_test_widget_focus: Fix memory leakChristopher Michael
2019-04-30efl_ui_spec: we can add efl_ui_pager nowMarcel Hollerbach
2019-04-30efl_ui: add a internal flag to mark widgets internalMarcel Hollerbach
2019-04-26efl_ui_spec: lets add a READMEMarcel Hollerbach
2019-04-26efl_ui_suite_spec: add efl_ui_grid to test suiteMarcel Hollerbach
2019-04-26efl_ui_spec_suite: support custom widgetsMarcel Hollerbach
2019-04-26efl_pack: split algin and padding propertyMarcel Hollerbach
2019-04-24efl_ui_spec_suite: move the information about tests to the test filesMarcel Hollerbach
2019-04-24ui.relative_layout: enhance relation_xxx_set,get apisYeongjong Lee
2019-04-23efl_ui_scroller: fix Efl.Content implementationMarcel Hollerbach
2019-04-23efl_ui_tab_page: implement content_set / unset correctlyMarcel Hollerbach
2019-04-23efl_ui_popup: fix widget_parent inheritanceMarcel Hollerbach
2019-04-21ui.table: remove leagcy evas_table from Efl.Ui.TableYeongjong Lee
2019-04-21efl_ui_spec: add tests for efl.contentMarcel Hollerbach
2019-04-17behavior-tests: add Efl.Ui.TableMarcel Hollerbach
2019-04-17efl_ui_table: hardening of pack_at functionMarcel Hollerbach
2019-04-17elm: here comes a new testsuiteMarcel Hollerbach remove leagcy evas_box from Efl.Ui.BoxYeongjong Lee
2019-04-06elementary: it seems I forgot to initialize some meaningful boolean.Cedric BAIL
2019-04-03efl_ui_test_callback: Removed defined but unused functionChristopher Michael
2019-04-03evas_callbacks: fix emission of EFL_GFX_ENTITY_EVENT_VISIBILITY_CHANGEDHosang Kim
2019-04-02elm_fileselector: disable this test for nowMarcel Hollerbach
2019-03-29tests: abort on errors during genlist expand test, not warningsMike Blumenkrantz
2019-03-29efl_ui_widget: add implementation for finding the windowMarcel Hollerbach
2019-03-29efl_ui_widget: reintroduce legacy behaviourMarcel Hollerbach
2019-03-29efl_ui_widget: add tests for parent and disalbed propertyMarcel Hollerbach
2019-03-29efl_ui_test_widget: ensures tests do not errorMarcel Hollerbach
2019-03-28efl_ui_slider: block scrolling when on sliderMarcel Hollerbach
2019-03-28elementary: restore quick exit from wait loop in fileselector test.Cedric BAIL
2019-03-27elc_filselector: solve the mysterium of sometimes failing testsMarcel Hollerbach
2019-03-27test: add a test case for elm_entryWonki Kim