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2014-02-22Emotion test: fix calculation of the displayed time.davemds
2014-02-22Emotion test: added --loop and --position args.davemds
* New --loop: restart the playback when end reached * New --position: start the playback from the last know position * Fixed double -R option. now -r is --reflex and -R is --copyright Loop and last-position was implemented yet, this commit just made them optionally, so the default behaviour of the test reflect the default behaviour of emotion.
2014-02-16Emotion test: more cleanupsdavemds
* really free Frame_Data on EVAS_CALLBACK_FREE (data was NULL) * place video windows with an incremental offset
2014-02-16Emotion test: no need for an animator to update the time string.davemds
It is yet handled in the frame decode callback, tested with vlc, gstreamer1, video and only audio.
2014-02-16Emotion test: some small cleanupsdavemds
* simpler and stronger way to search the theme file * removed unused verbose option * removed unused start_time var
2014-02-16Emotion test: no need to search for a folder that no more existsdavemds
2014-02-16Emotion test: add the volume slider also to the Reflex group.davemds
NOTE: do we really need to maintain 2 different groups for the reflex effect? The 2 groups differ only for the added reflection part. Isn't enough to show/hide the reflection part when requested?
2014-02-16Emotion test: Removed volume key bind. EINA_UNUSED--davemds
Volume is now managed per-window, no more need for a global volume key.
2014-02-16Emotion test: rename speed slider to alpha as it should be.davemds
That slider was probaly used for speed years ago, it is used for alpha now, so call it with the right name.
2014-02-16Emotion test: New volume slider. More readable alpha text.davemds
2014-02-14Emotion test: some small usability improvements.davemds
* use different icons for play/pause/stop * alpha slider moved to the right * centered the progress text
2014-02-14Emotion test theme: formattingdavemds
2014-02-14Emotion test theme: tabs--davemds
2014-02-14Emotion test: tabs--davemds
2013-12-11emotion - test - exit if calloc failsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
spotted this while looking at coverty issue. likely analysis tools will complain.
2013-11-27emotion emotion_test: free allocated data when the dependent object isDaniel Juyung Seo
deleted. This fixes coverity CID 1099709.
2013-07-16emotion: let's work out of tree.Cedric Bail
NOTE: I have no idea why we did require emotion_test to only work in tree. If you have an explanation, I would be glad to ear it. In the mean time, this patch restore the use of emotion_test when your build tree is not around.
2013-06-11Split .gitignore into multiple filesEduardo Lima (Etrunko)
Signed-off-by: Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) <>
2013-02-27emotion_test is now able to play streams from webcams (and other sources maybe)davemds
just run: emotion_test -w
2013-01-11printf--Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
SVN revision: 82610
2013-01-11efl/emotion_test: hint that we can be running from inside the build tree.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
otherwise evas modules won't be found. SVN revision: 82608
2013-01-10efl/emotion_test: allow to run in tree.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
if you EFL_RUN_IN_TREE=1 before running it, it will work without installing. SVN revision: 82511
2013-01-10efl: merge emotion.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
this one was quite a huge work, but hopefully it's correct. NOTES: * removed vlc generic module, it should go into a separate package. * gstreamer is enabled by default (see --disable-gstreamer) * xine is disabled by default (see --enable-gstreamer) * generic is always built statically if supported * gstreamer and xine can't be configured as static (just lacks command line options, build system supports it) * v4l2 is enabled by default on linux if eeze is built (see --disable-v4l2) * emotion_test moved to src/tests/emotion and depends on EFL_ENABLE_TESTS (--with-tests), but is still installed if enabled. TODO (need your help!): * fix warnings with gstreamer and xine engine * call engine shutdown functions if building as static * remove direct usage of PACKAGE_*_DIR and use eina_prefix * add eina_prefix checkme file as evas and others * add support for $EFL_RUN_IN_TREE * create separate package for emotion_generic_modules * check docs hierarchy (doxygen is segv'in here) SVN revision: 82501